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Wise Investments

Wise Investments

Laws of the Bible are paradoxical to the laws of the world.   eg. Giving is better than receiving. You cannot change natural laws. Laws are decreed by the creator. Wealth in this world was created by God. Money represents wealth. Money is a medium by which success in this world is measured. Wealth = Human resource + time + Land resource. “Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context.” ). Before money came into existence there existed economic systems that allowed trading of goods and services. God has decreed certain rules and laws for wealth or money – we cannot change it – they do not change with time, place or social situation
Money never obeys man made laws. Money is governed by certain laws decreed by God. If you violate these laws, disaster is sure.

Wisdom requires that we should lay up treasure in heaven. If our treasures are laid up in heaven, death will be but going home, and happy will be that moment when we are called to our rest. Saving is simply keeping aside some money for future use. Investments are made with an intention of getting back in many fold, once or for a long period of time. Every investments you make in Heaven will give you return while you are in this world as well as while you are in heaven till a period of eternity.

Wise investments are investments made in the Kingdom of God


There are 5 laws

1.         When to invest
2.         What to invest   
3.         How to invest
4.         Where to invest
5.         What should you do to get an ample return


Isaac sowed in famine and he reaped a 100 fold. Famine is the best time to sow. Investing is letting go. Those who have love of money cannot invest. Love of money is not the rule of wise investment
Love of the heavenly kingdom is the rule of wise investment. You miss the seeds you sow. It will never be back again. But new crops + new seeds in 100 folds will be back


The poor widow’s 2 paise offering. She gave all she had. But she gave more than anyone else and all of them together. Invest what you have. Invest all you have. Investing all we have at a time on a long term basis is not practical. We need some for day to day living. Then what should we invest? So, if you are intending to do an investment, plan it before you spend any money from your wealth.

Invest the first fruits not the left over


Our Attitude

We are investing nothing of our own. Invest with an attitude that we are only investing what God has entrusted us. It has a likeness to the way we pay Income Tax to the Government from the salary the government gives to us.


1.       Suffering for the sake of Christ is an investment
2.       Invest not to get a return from man
3.       Every loss for Christ’s sake is a valuable investment
4.        Whatever you do for Christ’s servants are investments in His kingdom

4.                 WHERE TO INVEST

Of course, the most simple statement to this question will be: invest in the Kingdom of God. But where? Where while we live in this world? So generally speaking, Invest on God’s altar. Investments made on the right place brings blessings. Investments made on other places may bring you worldly honour. But it is not treated as an investment in heaven.

The bank in the Kingdom of God offers you 3 prestigious products

1.       Tithe
2.       Offerings
3.       Helping the poor

All the three means of investments are governed by their own rules


Every investment has a lock in period. Worldly investments too has a lock in period. The return grows as the lock in period is longer. Wait like a farmer for the harvest. Long suffering is a must. Look far and see the small cloud in the sky. It is growing and growing. It shall rain soon, sure. It will nor fail.

Allow your investment to work and earn more for you.

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