Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Be Different

Being different does not mean to be diametrically opposite to others
It simply means to be yourself
It is not imitating others

It is not forcefully trying to become like others

Imitating others often leads to frustration

Imitation belittle you

You are worthy as yourself

Imitation hinders you from finding out your own special talents

So do not imitate others

Being different is being yourself
It is not to imitate others
It is not doing anything, only to please others
It is not ignoring you

Be Yourself

1.    Realize who you are

Failures make you realize your limitations
Success makes you realize your strength
Sickness makes you realize your physical weakness

Factors that decide who you are

     Your family
     Your immediate society
     Your larger society (nation)

Psychology of a society

Every society has a psychology of its own
What is the psychology of your nation?
What is the psychology of our state?

2.    Realize your strength and weakness

Every person has some strength
Every person has some weakness
Concentrate on your strength

Your special talent is the secret of your success

Realise your talents
The world needs it

Do not look through your windows.
Turn back and look at your mirror.

3.    Realize your 0ppertunities

Opportunities are everywhere and are knocking at your door step always
Accept only the most suited to you

Do not miss your opportunities
Perseverance is one of the secrets of success
Hard work is another

4.    Live for you, not to please others

Your sense of colours may be different from that of your neighbor
Only the colour your senses appreciate will make you happy

Your mind has strong demands
Your mind’s satisfaction gives you a confidence
It perfects your personality

By trying to imitate your neighbor and friends you run into great trouble

5.    Have a face for you

How can you create a face for you

Think freely
Speak only what you believe or what you are convinced
Act as it pleases you
Do not violate social ethics and manners

You have every right to think, speak and act freely from others

Only individual faces are remembered

A lone tusker is more powerful that a 10 of wild elephants
Christ, Gandhiji, Abraham Lincolon, Karl Max – all were lone figures

They were killed by the society - But they are still alive – they never die

6.    Be a positive influence on others

Positive people lift others to a higher level
Negative people drag others down

Association is very important – it decides who you are
Associate with positive people only

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