Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bussiness with bad people is always bad bussiness

Before we try to understand the title, let us define the terms.

‘Business’ can be any work you are passionately involved.
It is the means of fulfilling your purpose in life.
It is the means of earning money, spending time, building a career, caring for the future etc.
It can be your vocation or profession.
It is all what you are engaged in daily.

If you are teacher, teaching is your business.
Business man, business is his business.
Industrialist – steering the industry.
Student – studying.
Taxi driver –driving the taxi and earning from it.

‘People’ are the social group you are involved with while doing the business.
Social groups can be large to thousands of people or small to one or two in addition to you.
A teacher is involved to do his business – teaching – with a social group that consists of fellow teachers, students and sometimes the management of the institution.
A business has business partners and employees. His customers also are a part of his social group.
And industrialist is doing his work as team with the social group that consists of employees and partners.
A student is trying to fulfill the purpose along with his fellow students and teachers.
A taxi driver is always associating with his fellow drivers.

Now let us go back to the title:

Business with bad people is always bad business.

You may be doing a good business.
May be it is a deal with precious diamonds.
You are sincere, truthful, hard working and all those stuff.
But if your partners (social group with whom you are interacting) are bad people, you cannot run a value based business. If your customers are also cunning and cheating, you will find it difficult to run the business without hurting your conscience.
In the end, in order to make a living, you start doing bad business.
You realize that business with bad people is always bad business.

You are teacher. But your fellow teachers are not sincere and do not create a congenial atmosphere for you to do your duty to your satisfaction. The Management does not appreciate a dedicated teacher. The student community does not value your hard work. If you want to remain to earn a livelihood, you have to forget your values. Thus you find that, business with bad people is always bad business.

An industrialist may find it difficult to run his industry with a social group who thinks that he is cheat and make impossible demands. The government does not trust him. His employees think that he is a cheat. So he starts to cheat the government and employees. He concludes that business with bad people is bad business.

Think about a truthful taxi driver. He wish to charge his customers accurately, just the rate fixed by the government. His social group (fellow drivers and customers) does not approve it. His peer group put pressure on him by non cooperation and threatening. His customers disbelieve him and pay less than he demands. Finally, if he wish to earn a living for his family, he surrenders to his social group, admitting that business with bad people is always bad business.

Can we recommend joining the ‘bad people’ to do a bad business? Surely not.

Why are we involved in a business? For making money.
Money, for what? To live a comfortable life.
Comfortable life? What is it? A peaceful life.

Can a bad business give you a peaceful life? Never.
Why? Because money cannot give peace.
Money can give a lot other things. Money fails at certain junctures. One of them is peace.
Only a satisfied and grateful heart can give you peace.

Only a good business can fetch you real peace.
Real peace is not afraid of anything or anyone.
Not afraid of tomorrow, deceases, economic depressions etc.
It is the chief product of a satisfied heart.

So what shall we do to avoid ‘bad people’ from our business?
None can keep out ‘bad people’.
But we can keep out of ‘bad people’.
Stay away from ‘bad people’ that makes your business ‘a bad business’.

How? The only possible solution that comes to my mind is to disassociate and move forward.

A leader is always a lonely person.
Who then is a leader? He is an ordinary man like many others but who has accepted the purpose of his life.
He is a person who tries to do good business with bad people.
He is physically with his people; but always away from his people.
He is not going along with his people; he is going forward in his own way.
Crocking as he goes for others to follow; but never follow his people.
He is maintaining a psychological disassociation from his people.

Run away is the only solution to escape.
But sometimes, the circumstances in our life may not allow us to run away, physically.
But a psychological dissociation is possible.

Let me warn you:
A psychological dissociation will finally end in a physical run away.
Business with bad people is always a bad business.

Professor Jacob Abraham
Motivator, Life Coach & Spiritual Coach

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