Saturday, 15 December 2012

Connecting links

Do not ignore anything or any person as unimportant in your life.
There is nothing unimportant or useless.
A gentle breeze may turn your ship to the right direction to success.

In the biographies of great men, we often come across a turning point in their life.
And we may notice that a particular person acted as a connecting link in his life – connecting his previous life with his future life.
A particular incident has turned his life to greatness.
It makes them feel that they were living so long for this purpose in life.
They realize their purpose in life.

What is a connecting link?
A connecting link may be:
A new friendship.
A new business opportunity.
A new interview.
An invitation to associate freely with a project.
A new unexpected incident.
Even rendering aid to an old person to cross the road may turn to be a connecting link.

Connecting links are not your partner to success.
They may not share your vision, understand your dream, realize your life purpose.
But they can connect you with someone or something that will finally help you to materialize your vision.

Many often, you find it impossible to fulfill your vision without certain ingredients that you lack.
You need a team to supply these ingredients.
Only the right team can partner with you with the right components.

For example, you may have the expertise to design and produce a magnificent consumer good that will revolutionize the life of people.
But you may not be good in raising money to back it.
You may be a bad business man and may never succeed in marketing the product.
Here you meet your team members.
One seems to be born to find financial resources for successful projects.
The second is just great in marketing products.
Three of you form a success team – the right team.

A connecting link takes you to the right team.
Connecting link connects you to the financial expert.
Connecting link connects you to the marketer.

You have the expertise – you produce
Team 1 will raise financial support
Team2 will market the product.

Connecting links are very important.
You may be cherishing a wonderful idea with the talent to work out it for many many years.
What you lack is financial support.
You lack the expertise to market the product.
You lack the right team.
You have not met the connecting link.

Do not wait for someone to come to you introducing him as a connecting link.
Do not ignore any one or any incident as unimportant.

Even helping a blind man to cross the road may be your connecting link to success.

Prof. Jacob Abraham
Motivator, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach.

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