Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Everything is relative

Everything is relative.
Meaning of words is arbitrary constructions.
It does not make any effect on the matter if it is denoted by another word, as long as its users agree together.

I do not mean to discuss the phenomenon of co existence depending on each other. It is true. But it is not my argument here.
I would like to discuss the relation of concepts to subjects involved.

No intention of confusing thoughts.
So let me explain.

Beggars are poor folks with very meager possessions.
Usually, all of them have only broken, old, sieve like metal plates and glasses. Torn out clothes and dirty backpacks are their symbols.
Among them, one happened to get an old steel plate, but not sieve like, not broken, which have a good round shape.
This plate is a luxury for him.
A steel plate, even a new one, in good condition is not a luxury for me. It is a casual kitchen utensil for me.
American presidents may not even keep a steel plate in the White House. They are served in more costly ceramic or china plates or even silver of gold plates. (I am not sure). China plates or silver or gold plates are not a luxury for American presidents.  

But even an old steel plate in good shape, a clean backpack, a well shaped mug etc. are luxury for a beggar.

In prisons, tooth paste, tooth brush, washing soap, bed sheet and the like are real luxury.

Indian president is travelling in a bullet proof car. If he ever proposes a fancy to travel in an ordinary car, the whole nation will stand up and shout, “NEVER”. A bullet proof car is not a luxury for the Indian president. But there are millions in the same country, for whom even a well constructed bullock cart is a luxury.

My father, in his young days, had a bullock cart. I have heard that it was a fine decorated art piece. Changing the old bullocks with new energetic ones was one of his hobbies, as the owner of this beautiful cart. Dressing the bullocks with sweet sounding bells, to announce his journey to the pedestrians was another hobby. It was a luxury during his young days. But it is not a luxury for me. Even possessing a mediocre car is not a luxury for me.

Luxury is relative.
So is comfort.

West exists because there is east.
Disease exists because of wellness.
No comfort without the existence of discomfort.
No sense in calling it ‘day’, if it is not followed by night.
No poverty if there is no richness.

Everything is relative.

We cannot make arbitrary definitions to luxury, comfort, wellness, richness etc.
It is relative.

Comparing one with the other is not the way to understand relations.
Comparison is to find the better.
Thinking relation is to find the seemingly better.

So luxury has no limits.
Comfort has no limits
Wellness has no limits.
Richness has no limits.

We cannot ever say that, this is luxury or this is comfort, or this is richness.
We can only argue that this is luxury in this particular context.
In another context, this is mere necessity.
Context goes on changing, according to certain concepts of the society in relation to persons.

Where shall we conclude?

Everything is relative.
Everything is a myth.
So let us be content by believing that, whatever I have is luxury for me.
My physical condition, what it may be, is wellness.
My financial status is richness.
I am living a comfortable life.

Be happy! And live long!

Further reading:
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Prof. Jacob Abraham

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