Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Love Nights

I love nights.
Night is dark everywhere.
Night is associated with innumerable horrors and uncertainties.
Night is devoid of help and care – even our dear ones may be sleeping the other way
Nowhere to go, nothing to find
Though a morning sun is a certainty, we are not sure of seeing it.

How laud we may cry for help, no one may respond.
Movements are restricted.
Speech is restricted.
Love is restricted.
Thoughts are suspended.

LIFE itself is suspended.

It is an allegory to frustration, stillness, failure, brokenness etc.
It is time when even evil powers lurk in the corner to fall upon you for a total disstruction.

But I love nights.


I rest during the night after a tiresome day
I recollect and evaluate all the day’s work in the stillness of night -  even my dear ones are not breaking the stillness.
I dream of a new bright day
I dream of a new path, not trodden before.
My dreams goes under a chemical process and turns to VISION
I wake up with the new sun with a NEW VISION for a glorious future.

I do not get an opportunity during any other time, to rest, recollect, evaluate and dream.
Night gives me new dreams,
Night, like catalyst, turns my dream to VISION.


Prof. Jacob Abraham
Motivator, Life Coach and Spiritual Coach

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