Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It is a long journey

It is a long journey ….

You are welcome to a new age of change and progress. Equations of relationships among nations are changing. Countries are in search of new friends. None is sure who will be there in the forefront after a decade

Progress and Prosperity comes through change only

changes are sure to come. None can stop changes. We can only slow down the processes

Changes must be positive. Change does not mean that everything that is going on in Western countries is changes. Western culture is not a change but it is their culture. It has proved itself to be destructive

Only Eastern countries have a value based culture. In other words only Eastern countries have true culture. But tragically, we are in a hurry to adopt what the Westerners call destructive living style. We are adopting the Western life style after it has proved to be destructive
This is foolishness

At Kochi we are arranging fashion shows of kids. We watch live TV programme of little innocent girls walk through the podium with little dress. This gives a message to the kids. Little dress is fashion and is appreciated by the society. As they grow they will not be hesitant to wear a more short dress

What is a meaningful progress? It is value based progress

Living is a meaningful experience. Living without values and morality is only existence. Existence is not living. Living is a meaningful experience.

Meaningful progress is value based. Progress is success. There is none who do not want to succeed in life. A negative way of life cannot lead you to success. Success is a constant journey to a better life. So preparation for it is necessary

Success is a long journey. No resting place. No recreation break. It is a tiresome continuous journey

How you prepare for a long journey

Fix your target place

It is where you want to end. You must know something about it – collect as much information about it

What is your intention of going there?

     Sight seeing
     Rest for few days
     New experience and adventure
     Meetings old friends
     Meeting new friends
     Attending a business conference
     Eating new and better food etc.

A meaningful journey is a purposeful journey

Make exhaust preparation for the journey

Watch the preparation people make for a long journey by train. The train ticket gives you legal right to travel to your destination. But many other preparations is necessary to make the journey comfortable. Before you start, take enough preparations

New associations

Leaving behind old friends. In search of new ones. Associations are important. You become what your associations are. We must be ready to associate and disassociate with people

Keep a map with you

Keep inspiring similes. Keep some picture post cards of your destination with you. Look often at them

Do not be a drop out

A drop out is a failure. The first step to failure is to stop. The second step automatically follows - a step backwards. Then it is down the hill journey

A line written at a Tokyo bus stand reads: “Only buses stop here, not time. So do not waste your time, keep moving with your aim.”

Journey to your destination of purpose is tough

However you try, journey is discomfort. You miss a lot. You miss it purposefully to fulfill a great purpose


Journey is hard and tough. Only those who are ready to bear it will make it through. Once you have reached your destination and fulfilled your purpose. It is all joy – nothing else.

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