Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Never Ever Give Up


Joseph was a boy of 13 years old. He lived in the ancient Patriarchal age. He was born as the son of the great Jewish patriarch, Jacob. He had eleven brothers. One day Joseph had a dream followed by another on another day. The dreams were like this:

Dream - 1. Joseph was binding sheaves in the field together with his brothers. Soon his sheaf stood upright and the sheaves of his brothers stood around and bowed.

Dream - 2. The sun and the moon and the eleven starts paid respect to Joseph.

The meaning of the dreams was simple and clear. Joseph is destined to become a man of honour equal to a King. The dreams went deep into the heart of Joseph. It was transformed into a vision, and became his destiny. In order to fulfill the vision Joseph needed a team. So Joseph shared the dreams with his brothers and father. His brothers hated him because of his vision and his father kept silence. They failed to realize that Joseph’s destiny would be theirs too. All they had to do was, just stand along with him. But they failed him.

One day Joseph’s brothers got him away from his home and father. They planned to kill the dreamer and the dream at a time. They threw Joseph into a dark deep waterless pit. But their eldest brother intervened. Joseph was pulled out and sold to Egyptian merchants as slave. Thus Joseph was disassociated with his first team which failed and moved to a foreign land. Joseph was careful to hold on to his vision even during this adversity.

The merchants sold him as slave to an Egyptian military officer, Potiphar. In the residence of Potiphar Joseph had rather a good time till adversity hit once again. Joseph never let lose his vision. He knew that he is destined to become a King not a slave. Joseph was such a handsome young man that the Potiphar’s wife wanted to have a relationship with him, which he refused. Joseph did not allow anything to come across him and his vision. But due to his refusal, he was falsely charged with sexual abuse by the lady and Joseph was put in a dark dungeon, chained by iron chains.

Dungeon was yet another trial. One day Joseph was connected to two former servants of the King Pharaoh. They had one dream each. Joseph interpreted the dream for them. Everything happened according to Joseph’s interpretation. One was killed soon and the second was reinstated as the chief butler of the King. Joseph knew not that the chief butler was a connecting link to a team that would fulfill his vision.

Joseph was counting his fateful days in the dark dungeon holding tight on the vision he had 17 years ago. Looking at the darkness around, he dreamed of a day of sunshine. Feeling over the iron chains, he dreamed of a royal throne. It will come. It cannot be stopped.

As Joseph was thus spending his life in the dark dungeon, one night the King Pharaoh of Egypt saw a dream. The King could not understand the meaning of the dream. His official dream interpreters in the palace failed to interpret the dream. Suddenly the chief butler remembered Joseph and referred him to the King. Early in the morning, along with the rising sun, Joseph was summoned by the King. Joseph retold the dream in every detail and interpreted the dream. Joseph foretold that there is going to be 7 years of prosperity in Egypt followed by 7 years of famine. The King was impressed at his wisdom and declared him to be the second in the country, only a little below the King by the title and the throne. The country was ordered to bow before Joseph and obey all commands of Joseph.

Joseph was 30 years of old when finally Joseph met his team. The vision and authority formed a perfect team. The success team was finally formed and moved together to the realization of the dream. The reign of Joseph thereafter as the second in the country saved the nation and many around the country and his brothers and father from a great famine.

Thus the vision of Joseph was finally fulfilled, 17 years after he accepted the vision as his destiny, leaving us a lesson NEVER EVER TO GIVE UP OUR VISION IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.

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