Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nothing is an end .... Even death

Nothing is an end. There is more after the end.

A sudden and unexpected failure may seem to be an end in life.
Our much expected business ended a colossal failure.
Our dream project proved an end of our entire career.
The boss fired us from the employment, an unexpected accident that leads to serious health problems; calculated financial movements crashed leaving no hope of revival …
Occasions are lurking in every next moment at which we may shout impulsively:
Everything ended; No more chance; No more hope; Never again in life ….

But be cheerful.
There is no end to anything in this life.

Failures are temporary disturbances.
They are not a permanent statement.
Life must and will go on.

Look a smooth flowing sweet river.
As it flows down, suddenly, in hits on a huge rock. It was so huge that the river hit at it scattering into tiny water drops. This little river will never make it through. Everything seems to stand still screaming, alas! This is the end of this little sweet river.

A moment or two.
After it:
The river find its way by the sides of the huge rock.
It flows to the other end through different paths. Some by the right side of the rock and some by the left side of the rock. Still some ventured to climb above the rock and flow to the other side.
All of them join at the other end, beyond the rock and once again the little sweet river forms into whole.
It forgets its temporary disturbance, never look back, and flows down again, making the world happy.

High mountains are of course, a real challenge to tiny birds.
Mountains may stop them for a while.
But only for a while …. Then it finds its way by the left or right or above the mountain.

Failures prove not our weakness, they prove our strength.
Achievers relish storms in life. It is an opportunity to put out your caliber and declare to the whole world that you are born to succeed.

Victims die at the very thought of a failure, Winners overcome it.

In the Medieval story of King Arthur and Round Table knights, the handsome warriors roam around in search of adventure.
Adventure is an opportunity for them to prove to the world that they are courageous and strong.
What a solider without adventure?

Nothing is an end …. Even death.
I believe in life after death. I believe in the teachings Jesus Christ and the Bible.
I believe in a life after death.
For me even death is not an end.
It is only a beginning of a new life.
No death, no new life.
New life makes death an inevitability or necessity
Even death is not an end.

Be cheerful.
No night can be longer than 12 hours.
There is always a new sun after the night.

Nothing is an end …. Even death.

Prof. Jacob Abraham
Motivator | Life Coach | Spiritual Coach

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