Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reality and Truth

Reality and truth are not one and the same thing.
They are seem to be the same face of being, but are different and at times conflicting.

Reality is temporal, where as truth is eternal.
Reality is what you sense around with your five senses in a given context.
Truth is eternal that exits beyond your senses.

Reality may undergo changes as its context changes.
Reality is often arbitrarily constructed facts.
Reality is created by many constituents that are contributed by human beings and nature.
Reality need the life support of external constituents.
Reality is a myth.

Truth is neither created nor destroyed.
Truth does not change, because it is not a co existing fact.
Truth has a self origin and self existence.
No man, no nature can change truth, because it does not have any element contributed by them.

Sun rises in the East is only a reality, not a truth.
As we look in the morning, we see the sun rising in the east.
So we believe that sun rises in the east.
But the truth is that sun does not rise, never set.
Sun is a constant celestial body that remains in one place, in one position, never moves left or right.
The truth is that Earth moves around the sun attributing an illusion of movement to the sun.

How reality and truth are different!

Reality is sensual perception.
Whatever we sense around are only a reality.
Truth is something beyond the reality.

It is easy for us to believe in reality.
It is hard to go after truth.
But truth is eternal.

Reality changes. Reality cannot prevail all the time, because truth has an overcoming power over reality.
A reality that goes against the constant truth will not endure long.

One is real, the other is a perception.
Truth is real, reality is a perception.

Life is a reality, death is the truth.
Is there any man who is born to die?
Only Jesus Christ declared that he came to this world to die to atone for the sins of all human beings.
None, so far has claimed that he was born to go through death.
Still the truth is that, from the moment you are born into this world, you are moving forward to the destined moment of death.
We are always nearing death.

Am I spreading negative thoughts?
I have no such intention. Rather I want to spread positive thoughts.

What is the positive?
Failure, disease, defeat, frustration, breakdown etc. are only a reality.
Truth is something beyond.
Change the perception.
Move fast.
The truth is waiting the other side to take over your life.
It is success and success. It is the truth.
Even death is a success for those who have fulfilled the mission on life.

Reality is a vanity. It is a vanishing perception.
Do not allow it to stop you wondering at or pondering over it.
Move fast to the truth.

Happy living!

Prof. Jacob Abraham

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