Sunday, 23 December 2012

Success is in probability

Success is in probabilities and not in possibilities.

What is probability and possibility?

Since this is Christmas time, (December 2012) let me explain these two words on the basis of an exceptional incident in the history of humanity.

Mary was a teenage girl living a rather a calm life in a small town called Nazareth.
One day an angel appeared to her, may be in her private room, and promised an opportunity to become the most gracious woman in the world.
He announced that God willl, with his mighty divine power, place a seed of a baby child in her womb.
She was a virgin, never known man, never have been touched by any strange man.
It was IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to become pregnant and give birth to a baby child without a relationship with a man.
It never happened before in the whole history of humanity. And we, who live now in the twenty first century, are sure that it never happened after.
Science has declared it impossible. Tradition, history, culture, religion, philosophy, logics and human wisdom of all sorts have declared it impossible.

The angel said to the doubting Mary that everything is possible with God.

Can’t it be done?
Are we very sure that it cannot happen?
Can we say for definite that it cannot happen at all?
Is there no mystery beyond human wisdom?
Traditions, culture, philosophy, history – do all these are the finality?
Does our science speak eternal truths?

Questions like this confuse us.
We are not sure, not sure of anything.
We agree, especially in this century, that anything can happen in this world.

It means:

Yes it is probable.
All impossible are probable.

Success is probability not in possibility.

Can your business be a success?
Will your industry conquer the world?
Can you build up a business richer than Wall Mart?
Can you get a better job that may put you in the top of the world?
Can you become a renowned political leader?
Can you present a world changing philosophy?
Will your children overcome this breakdown?
Will your divorced spouse come back?
Can you get healed from this critical illness?

It is impossible.
No possibility when analyzed with all human knowledge.
But there is a probability.

Mary might have thought it impossible. She also might have seen the probability.
She decided to look at the probability. She ignored the possibility.
There is something beyond the possibility – the probability.
Her choice to stand with the probability worked.
The boy baby was born. He was named Jesus. He became the history changer of humanity.

Her child of probability:
Changed the eternity of human beings
Changed the history of the world.
Changed millions of human hearts.
Influenced political systems, countries, social groups…. And goes on doing wonders in this world.

Success was in probability not in possibility.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Prof. Jacob Abraham

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