Thursday, 13 December 2012

Vision and Dream

Success is the fulfillment of vision

Success begin with the awareness of the vision
Ignorance is failure

Only people with a vision will become a real success

Vision is a dream about something that has happened beyond a period of time. ©

Vision is not a dream
Dream is unsubstantial (not solid or existing)
Vision is substantial dream (solid or existing)

Dream is a passerby; unless you stop it by force, he will just pass by
Vision is to stay
Vision came for you, and only for you
Dream leaves you if you ignore
Vision haunts and tries you till the fulfillment.

Vision is unique
Dreams of same kind may be found in different persons

Dreams may be shared
Vision cannot be shared
However you try, vision cannot be fully shared or imparted to anyone else.

Dream is a passion – you have to run after it
Vision is a driving force – it will make you run

Dream needs power to move on
Vision has innate energy
Dream is to be carried on
Vision has wings to carry you

You are always striving to realize the dream
Vision is striving to take you to the fulfillment.

Dream may be destroyed
Vision cannot be destroyed or defeated.

Dream may let you down
Vision will always lift you up

Vision is not comfort
Vision is a nagging dream
Vision is pain and trial.

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Professor Jacob Abraham
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