Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Adding New Year decisions

This is New Year time (2013). This is a time for new decisions and new promises.
New decisions often means, forgetting all past decisions and going for a new one.

The question I would like to pose is: why should you forget all your past decisions while you go for a new one.
I do not insist that you should not, at any circumstances, forget the past decisions.
But I feel that my question above is worth pondering.

Should we need to forget all out past decisions while we go for new ones?
Certainly not.
We took some decisions in the past, because they were the need of the time.
Decisions were taken for the betterment of our life.
We took those hard decisions to improve our relationships, career, personality, creativeness, expertise, to sharpen the tools, to improve spirituality etc.
Most of them were right and positive decisions.

Now what we have to analyze is whether those decisions did good or bad to us in the past.
If they have done good to us in the past, why discard them?
All past decisions are not to be thrown away while we go for new ones.
All past decisions that have rendered some good service to us must be kept and continued with a new zeal. They have proven themselves to be beneficial. They are better than new decisions. New decisions take time to prove themselves profitable to us. So let us hold fast to all our good decisions.

If those decisions in the past proved harmful, the answer is different. Discard them now. Forget all bitter prizes they awarded us. Be careful not to repeat it.

All right! We keep all our valuable past decisions. We decide to go forward in this New Year carrying it.
Some may continue to guide us; some other may inspire us and some other surely will instill life to us.

Does it mean that we should not take new decision in this New Year. Surely not. We may take new decisions.
New decisions are taken not as a customary practice. It is not a part of a celebration.
New Year does not demand us to take new decisions. Like the sun which rises in the morning for all people, irrespective of their age, character etc…, New Year is an event for all those who take new decisions and for all those who do not. Decisions can be taken not only on New Year, but on any day, any hour.
I am not belittling the importance of New Year. But let us see an apple as an apple.
Decisions are not a fashion. It is not a silly word.
Decisions are to be kept. Decisions are to be followed and carried along with.

New decisions must be a need of the time and life.
If time and events in our life demand a new decision, let us decide and promise.
New decisions, new oaths, new promises, new covenants … let all these be an answer to the time and event.
New decisions must be a consolation to our life ahead.
Take new decisions, hang on to it. Let us hope that time will prove it profitable.

Again my questions remains unanswered.

Shall we forget all our past decisions while we go on to new ones?
Surely no.

Let us hold fast to all past decisions that have done some good to us.
Let us add new decisions expecting them to make our life better.

Past meritorious decisions – hold on tight.
New decisions – add them to our life.

Have a great new year (2 January 2013).

Prof. Jacob Abraham

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