Saturday, 12 January 2013

Authority is responsibility

Authority is responsibility; absolute authority is absolute responsibility. Authority of all kinds is responsibility. Dictatorship is absolute responsibility.

Authority has two aspects – power and responsibility.
Power without responsibility is corrupt. It is detestable and retaliatory. Bloody revolutions have happened due to the exercise of power without responsibility. Responsibility makes power appreciable.

A man of authority has responsibilities towards the living and non living things under his authority.
He has responsibility to feed, cloth, protect etc.

I have read somewhere that the origin of authority has a link with hunters. In ancient time, men’s enemies were not other men, but animals. Animals from surrounding forest of their village used to crawl into their farms and residential areas, creating havoc. Agricultural loss was doom for them. Nights were dreamless due to the fear of wild animals. A system of gathering together at the attack of animals to defend themselves, gradually originated. This system created a leader or group or leaders. Group of leaders should have a leader. The leader gradually acquired authority over the group of leaders and down to the people. The leader shouldered the responsibility to protect the village, people and farm from wild animals. His is authority was approved by the rest of people, because if gave them a sense of security. The leader later changed his strategy of defending the attack of wild animals to offending them by penetrating into the surrounding areas of forest. This leader may be considered as a prototype of Kings.

I am not sure whether this theory is acceptable.  But a truth underlies in this theory. Authority is responsibility.

A king has authority over the country – the land, people, animals and natural resources. This authority is pieced together with responsibility to manage, protect and augment all that is under authority.
Parents have responsibility to earn bread, manage finance, care for future, protect etc.
A teacher has responsibility to teach, reform and produce tomorrow’s citizens.
The head of a business or industry has responsibility to care for his employees, manage resources, plan for future etc.

King, parents, teachers, heads of business and industry – all have authority. If they do not accept responsibility along with authority, they cannot achieve success. True success is a tranquil experience. Exercising authority without responsibility will not produce serenity.  

Authority is respected only when it carry responsibility.
Authority without responsibility is beastly.
Authority is not demanding, but sacrificial.
Authority is not taking, but giving.
Authority is the responsibility to take right decisions at right time.
Authority is taking responsibility for failure and success….

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