Friday, 25 January 2013

Availability is not an excuse for wasting

Plentiful availability is not an excuse for wasting. Does plentiful availability of food is an excuse for wasting? No. Food is precious, it should not be wasted. What else is not precious? There is nothing that can be wasted labeling it not precious.

I want to talk about the availability and wasting of human resource. Human resource is the dearest one.

Natural resources were once considered as an eternal source. Now we are aware that all natural resources have a maximum limit. That means, if we waste them, there will come a time of acute shortage.

Human resource is the human being himself. Each human being is a human resource, rich with an inestimable and unpredictable talents and expertise. The mass as well as an individual is human resource.

Human resource is different in many aspects from natural resources.
Human resource provides a lot of variety. One human is not similar to another. His abilities and talents are not equaled by any another. We may find many IT talented professionals. But each of them think, speak and act differently. These multifaceted human resources create the variety available in this world. Different ideas, concepts, theories and approaches are due to the versatility of human resource.

One pound of pure gold can be replaced by another one pound of gold equal in all aspects. One gallon of petrol may be replaced by another one gallon of the same fuel.
But one human resource cannot be replaced by another human resource. There is no substitution for a particular human resource.

So in strict sense, there is no plentiful human resource. There is only a variety of human resource. None of them can be substituted.

Wasting because of availability is not advisable with any resource.
It is not at all advisable with human resource.

Not using a human is not using his resource.
It is wasting human resource.
It is rejecting a human resource.

Compulsory pension at any fixed age is wasting human resource.
It is rejecting human resource.
It is wasting the most precious resource available in this world.

Human resource is productive. Its productive capacity is unpredictable.
What it can contribute to the betterment of this world is unpredictable.

It is like a flowing stream. It is destined to merge into the sea.
It is not offering anything of its own.
But man can use it for various purposes.
It is productive only if man decides to benefit from it.
Whatever can we produce from it? Bottled drinking water to electric power.

Human beings have a destined end. It flows like a stream.
Channelize it for the benefit of the whole human community.
Do not dismiss it.
Do not reject it.
Do not waste it

Availability is not an excuse for wasting.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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