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Dissociate and move forward

Association and dissociation are two important rules of the success game. It involves a voluntary or involuntary action of ‘give and take’ or ‘rejection’. In one of my earlier blog, I have tried to define these two terms. So here, let us discuss a related topic: ‘dissociate and move on’.

Dissociation is rejecting the ‘give and take’ process of association. But rejecting or dissociating from a negative person or circumstance is not sufficient to attain success. Success is not a ‘just the other side of the door’ phenomena. We have to move forward, learn on the way and conquer it.

Success is the unknown region that lies far way.
Success is the ‘promised land’.
Success is a myth which will become a reality.
Success is a reachable aim that exists beyond your reach.

Stretch out and touch; stretch out and experience and stretch out and possess – this is the principle to success.
So ‘dissociate and move forward’ is very important among other principles of success.

Why should we dissociate? I have explained it in my earlier blog, “associate and dissociate”.
Dissociation is only rejection - rejecting negative ideas and attitudes. Can it alone lead to success. No. We have to move forward.

The journey forward to the ‘promised land’ starts with dissociation.
Let us assume that we have dissociated. We stopped the ‘give and take’ process with all negative personalities and circumstances. Now what? Move forward.

Is not dissociation sufficient to attain success? What happened if I do not move forward after dissociating with negative people, attitudes and circumstances?

Let us try to understand with a lesson from a great event in human history that happened in BC and is recorded in the Bible.
Israelites were living in exile and as slaves in Egypt for 430 years. They were crying loud to God for deliverance. A national deliverance of the race from exile and slavery was an impossible dream for many reasons. Where could they go to build their nation was one question. Who would lead this national freedom movement was another. How could they escape from King Pharaoh and his soldiers was the most frightening question. God promised a land far away. God appointed Moses as their leader. To the third question, God presented an elaborate plan that would have taken some years to complete. To exercise pressure on King Pharaoh, so that he will eventually declare freedom to the slaves, God had a ten steps plan in His mind. According to His plan, God effected calamity on the Egyptians. The tenth calamity was the massacre of the first born among men and animals of the Egyptians.

Before the great day of this massacre, God instructed Israelites to kill a separated goat, paint their door lintels with the blood of the goat, burn the flesh of the goat, eat it in the night and move forward in the early morning to the ‘promised land’. In the same night, God’s special angel will go around and kill all first born among men and animals of the Egyptians. One of the instructions God gave to Israelites was to get ready for long journey - even hold a long stick that they usually carry along when going for a long journey- before they start eating the meat of the goat. Eating the burned meat was the last thing they had to do in Egypt.

Israelites had dissociated with the Egyptians long before. But they were staying among them in Egypt. So they continued their life in slavery. They could not escape from slavery and could not possess the ‘promised land’. Though they had dissociated with Egypt and Egyptians (stopped the ‘give and take’ process), had Moses as a courageous leader with a small team of leaders and had the divine support who intervened in their favour, they could not enjoy freedom or possess success. In order to possess success, they had to move forward.

Because success is not attainable in a slavish land.
Slavish masters are careful not to give us an occasion even to dream of success.
They have many tactics to keep us from moving forward.
In their land they have authority and power to subdue and keep us as slaves.
For they are afraid that, our freedom to success is their extinction.

Do not stay in Egypt, once you have dissociated with the slavish masters.
Do not stay with those people with whom you have dissociated.
Do not stay back in the old circumstance with which you have dissociated.
Lingering back will not bring us any success.
Staying back with the dissociated person or circumstance is like staying in the war field fighting for freedom.
It makes dissociation meaningless.

If we have dissociated with a serious intention to attain success, move forward.
The ‘promised land’ is on the other side of the river separated by a desert.
Start today, we have a long way to go.

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