Sunday, 20 January 2013

Do not say “Only this ….”

The world around us has realized the fact that “only this” attitude is destructive. We are watching the disappearance of industrial firms like Kodak, His Masters Voice etc. Certain celebrated sociopolitical and economic theories are struggling for survival. The most important reason for their failure or struggle is the self complacency, refusing to accept the universal truth of evolution. The ‘only this’ attitude killed them.

I am not an advocate of Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory when it is applied to the creation of living species in this world. I am not yet convinced. We are not discussing here its validity in the sphere of creation. But some aspects of his theory are agreeable. Since we are not discussing Darwin’s theory, phrases like ‘evolution’, “survival”, “fittest” etc. as used here do not allude to his theory. Similarity is only natural.

It is true that the universe has a law that prescribes the survival of the fittest. It allows only the fittest for the time and place to survive.
‘Survive and die’ is not the law.
‘Fit to survive’ is the law. We have freedom and scope to fit ourselves so that we may survive.
How to fit so that an industry, business, theory, organization etc. may survive? Give up the ‘only this’ attitude.

Survival is a continuous journey in search of new ideas to improve life. Whatever we find on the way must be proclaimed allowing them to affect life. The result may be prosperous or what we call, ‘immediate success’. But a journey stopped there rings the death bell.

Celebrating the success is fine. But the quest must be continued.
There is nothing like ‘final goal’. The death process starts when and where we feel that we have achieved the final goal.
There are only short and long term goals; no final goal.

Ideas create ideas. A successful life is a quest for ideas.
No idea is our sole property. A patent registration for an idea or a product is a legal ownership. But once the idea is proclaimed, it belongs to everybody. It is ‘my moon and everybody’s moon”.

Ideas always attract ideas. Idle ideas die soon. But an idea that is carried forward attracts more ideas. Think about scientific inventions. The scientist celebrated for the invention is often not the originator of the idea. Ideas are like a rolling ice ball, growing in size as it goes down, catching more ice.

If we do not run with an idea, somebody else will.
Remember the story about the race competition held between the rabbit and the tortoise.  The winner is the one who runs. There is no final winner. There are winners.

To remain first in the victory stand, we must be always running with the idea. Subject it to the process of continuous evolvement. Remember only the fittest survive.

The ‘fittest’ is not a permanent state. Time changes the cannon. Time is like a dictator who place orders. Its orders are obeyed in this world.
I do not mean, the time shown by the wrist watch we use; but time that is universal.
Its demands are always satisfied. If we fail, someone else will succeed.

So the ‘only this’ concept is destructive.
There are more ideas.
Ideas create theories.
Ideas create products.
Ideas change our life.

No theory is final. No product is the last. No concept resists improvement. No situation is unchanging.
‘Running to add more’ is the secret of survival.
Success lies in the continuous quest for better.
The fittest always survive.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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