Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dream their dream not our dream

Supply what our customers are dreaming to own. Not what we think they need.
Who are the dreamers? Not the manufacturer, but the people.

In my very young days, Indian roads were possessed by two brands of cars – Ambassador and Fiat. At times they produced new variants, but with almost the same shape and colour. Cars, even an old one, were only a wild dream. Then came “Maruti 800”, a rather small car for a less price.  It made quite a change. Ambassador and Fiat heard the toll of their death bell. Still a car remained a dream for many families. Mr. Ratan Tata, the great industrial visionary of India, realized the dream of these families. He understood that the dream for a car of many families was not yet fulfilled.  He dreamt their dream. He introduced Nano car in 2008 for a price of Indian rupees 1 lakh only (US $ 1800).

He saw the same dream of the people.
His “Nano Car”, the cheapest car, is a product dreamt by the people.

Many women might have dreamt of a kind of machine that could wash their cloths and dry it during rainy season. The manufacturer or the inventor of washing machine dreamt the same dream of the people and a product was introduced for the people.

It was customary to Indians to add light blue colour to white clothes after washing it. They were using a blue powder mixing it in water for this purpose. But the blue powder was not soluble and produced only a colloidal solution. White clothes were dipped in this colloidal solution and later dried. But often the solution failed to spread evenly on the clothes. So many Indian women would have dreamt of a substance that would give a blue shade to white clothes and that would not make unnecessary smearing here and there. One man, who is better known today as ‘Ujala Ramachandran’, saw the same dream and produced liquid blue. It was an instant success. His industrial firm has grown today to take over the Indian subsidiary of the German Henkel group. Now M/s. Jyothi Laboratories of Mr. Ramachandran have the guts to compete with M/s. Hindustan Leaver Ltd.

Ratan Tata

Nano car

Ujala Ramachandran

Ujala liquid blue

The great principle of democracy that, it is rule of the people, for the people and by the people is applicable with business firms also.
Your products must be what the people are dreaming of for a long time.
It is not what we think the people need. It is what they think they need.
It is the long waited solution. It is a deliverance from bondage.
It saves and cares.

Dream the same dream of the people.

How can we do it?
Make a survey to find out what the people dream? No.
We cannot start a business according to the result of a survey.
Successful business is not build on borrowed concepts.

Go to the people. Look at the world with them, through their eyes.
Learn to dream their dream.

People need a small cheap car. They need something to give white clothes a blue shade that will not smear. They dream of a machine to wash and dry clothes. They need a handy machine that can be carried in their pocket to call and receive calls from their friends far away.

We are familiar with the dictum; necessity is the mother of invention.
Whose necessity? A business CEO’s necessity?
It is the necessity of the people. It is the dream of the people.
It is the mother of successful business.

People are dreaming always. They have a lot of dreams.
Dream their dream. Materialize their dream.
Success is ours.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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