Monday, 21 January 2013

Failure is personal.

Failure is a personal state of affairs. It is not universal. The Universe does not contain failure. Laws of the Universe are against failure. But failure is there. It is only a personal situation.

The fact that we failed at certain situation does not mean that everybody else failed. Someone else is sure to succeed.

The Universe itself rejects failures. Watch it closely. The Universe is in a constant struggle against failure. It is always striving to reform for better. The same spirit is motivating man to search for better concepts and technologies. The tragedy with man is that he cannot create anything with a single face. The world for man is black and white. A coin represents the merit of every invention. It always has two sides.

Still the struggle for success continues. Nothing can defeat human race. Atom bombs, wars, natural calamities, economic depressions … nothing can defeat him. Human race is not born for defeat.

Did God declared final defeat of human being in the Garden of Eden. No, he pronounced failure and punishment. Along with that he declared hope and atonement. God covered the sin of Adam and Eve with the blood of a dead animal. Though the bliss of the Garden was taken away, Man was permitted to survive. Food, shelter and clothes were not forbidden. Only that he had to work hard; struggle with an antipathetic nature. God acknowledged that defeat is only temporary. Defeat is personal and success is universal. Defeat is sent down to generations but with a provision for sure success. Free will was sustained even after the Fall of Man, so that the coming generations need not remain in defeat.

Failure is not a static state of life. It is temporary. Nothing temporary can be universal. Failure is only a missed shot. No warrior is devoid of missed shots. No warrior expects all his arrows to hit the mark. Some are destined to miss the mark. It is human life. A missed arrow is not the destiny of a warrior. His archery has still more arrows.

We may accept failure and retreat from life. It is only a personal decision. The Universe is not with us.
The Universe never stands static. It is moving, pulling along everything in it.
The sun never rest. The moon never disappears. It is always there in the east or in the west.
Darkness is an announcement of a bright day. Day is talking about a possible darkness. Both speak of temporary situations.
None of us try to make darkness; we try to create light. Nature itself has made its own arrangement for light in the dark. There are moon and stars. The day leaves its light behind with the moon to lighten our darkness.
Darkness is not dark for those who can see the moon and stars.

We have failed. But it does not mean that the Universe failed. Since the world has not failed there are possibilities of success.
Success is like a treasure island. It does not come to us; we have to go to it. Our failure does not mean that it does not exist. The only reality is that we have not reached it.

When we fail next time, remember, failure is only personal.
The Universe has not failed.
It offers success to all those who are victors and victims.
So stretch your hands once more and grab success.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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