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Freedom is responsibility

Freedom is defined by different phrases by different people. The word freedom denotes a life without inhibitions. It is a life without any control. We are free to do anything, speak anything, think anything etc. An uprooted tree has a new aspect of freedom of movement added to its life. But that freedom is not life for it. Birds are free to fly anywhere, but often return to its nest by dusk. Which is more meaningful freedom?

Freedom is not free life. Freedom is responsibility.

The worst condition of life devoid of freedom is slavery. But there is a positive aspect to it, if the master is a benevolent one. Of course none can be always sure of a benevolent master.
Slaves have no responsibility. They never care for earning bread, cloth and shelter. They do the work assigned to them by the master. The result of the work does not come under their consideration. If they are asked to gather grapes in an assigned vineyard, they do the work diligently. They need not bother about the quality of the grapes. Grapes in that particular vineyard assigned to them are collected, as their master ordered.
They need not worry about the chaff that is gathered along with good grains. It is the master who uses the winnowing fan to separate chaff from grains.

When a slave feels hungry, he cries to his master for food, never goes out to earn his bread. When he needs clothes, he looks at his master for it. In his needs, he submits them with a humbling posture to his master and the master supplies them.

His life is totally dependent on his master. He enjoys the irresponsible life of a slave.
So all most all people love to live a slavish life under a benevolent master.

Because, freedom is responsibility.

We are free means we have to:
Earn our bread, clothes and shelter.
Defend ourselves against our enemies.
Manage our resources and finance. Etc. ….

We are solely responsible for our life.

We cannot complain of others.
We cannot blame nature, people, political conditions, government, or any other situations for our ill fortune.
We cannot drag in fate as the culprit.

We are solely responsible. No share partners in life.

Every event in our life is the result of certain choices we make. Choice is a voluntary action. We are responsible for it. Thinking twice or thrice before making a choice or not giving much thought to it is our responsibility.

To elect a good government, select a better shopping mall, study a particular course, follow a life style etc are our responsibility.

Many of us want freedom, but not responsibility.
Freedom without responsibility is only a whimsical notion.

The uprooted tree is free without any responsibilities. Its branches and leaves were enjoying freedom from its birth. Only its roots were in chains. Its roots were assigned the responsibility of earning bread. Now it is uprooted, free from all responsibilities. But this is a freedom from the life sustaining act of absorbing water and minerals from earth. This freedom took away its life.

Birds are free to fly away. The sky is vast. Food is available at other places also. It flies and flies, but never forget its way back to home. It is responsibility to go back to its nest, to protect itself from enemies like wild animals and nature.

Want to be free? Accept responsibility.
Without responsibility, freedom is chaos.

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