Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Green is life

Do not misunderstand my intention. I am not giving a fresh interpretation to colors. This blog presents no psychological interpretations. No new theories.
But here I am presenting some causal good thoughts. Stuff for a causal reading.
I know that all my blogs so far are heavy with ideas and philosophy. I am not self praising, but only echoing sympathetic criticisms from my friends.
This blog is not an intentional break. It just came by….

Some years ago the Department of English, St. Cyril’s College, Adoor, Kerala, India, decided to publish a departmental annual. Since I have been working there as Associate Professor of English, I was entrusted with its work. I had to find a name for it.
So I name it “Green”. And I gave a caption, “it is life”.
Thus the annual bore a name: “Green, it is life”.
Yes, green is life.

My state, Kerala in India is rich with greenery. It is life everywhere. Green leaves dance even with the weakest breeze. It seems it is telling the breeze that it is green, it has life.

Green leaves do not fall with a breeze. It withstands even a little strong wind. It is often swung by the wind. It moves to and fro.
It struggles. It resists. It never gives up.
Gradually the wind fails. The green leaves once again flicker mocking the wind.
It has life. Troubles cannot defeat it.

Green is life for the plant. It is life for the people. It is life for the whole world.
No green, the world losses life.
So it is important whether the green leaf stands of fail. We cannot afford its failure.
Failure of green is failure of the humanity.

Does the little green leaf on a small branch of a tree realize its importance?
I am not sure.
But its existence is our existence.
That makes its existence our responsibility.

Next year, after publishing “Green, it is life” by our department in the college, it was proposed to publish another annual. Once again it came to my responsibility. The annual was to be published by the outgoing undergraduate students. So I proposed a new name: “Yellow, falling leaf”. But that time, the name was not accepted.

But still “Yellow, the falling leaf” is in my mind.
Yellow is maturity. It has finished its responsibility. It has given way to young green leaves.
It cannot any longer sustain the life of the plant.

Yellow leaf is not a failure. It is a success.
It fought against many wind, rain, hailstorms etc. It has won many wars.
It sustained life.
It nurtured new leaves. It gave way to new greenery.
It has successfully completed its mission.
Yellow the fulfillment of life’s purpose.

Yellow is a success song.
Now it is time for it to withdraw into rest.
Allow it. Let a gentle breeze blow.
The Yellow leaf flies. It turns brown. It falls to the brown earth.
It disappears….

Will it come back?
May be. As new green leaves ….

Professor Jacob Abraham

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