Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ideas lead to ideas

Ideas lead to ideas.
Ideas are like roads. Road only leads never retreats or stops. Roads lead to roads.
None dips twice in the same river. None travels twice through the same road.
Because no one can turn back and travel back to where he started through the same road. Roads do not allow it.

Even “U” turn does not allow anyone to travel back through the same road. A ‘U” turn let you travel through another way, may be the other lane of the road.
Never the same road again.

We cannot avoid roads. Cannot destroy it. It is there to stay. Move forward is the only option.
Failure is failure. We cannot wipe it off. We can only mend it and move forward.

Ideas are like roads.
Ideas lead to ideas. Ideas are connected. They do not exist as a lonely entity. Ideas are a community.

A person is an individual. He has definite individual characteristics.
Ideas are individual with definite particular characteristics.
Every individual is a part of a community. He is a community. Even the most hated individual has his own community.
Ideas have a community. Every idea is a part of a community of ideas.

Ideas create ideas.
Connect with an idea is the best way to create a new idea.
One idea takes you to a community of ideas.
Every idea is a door to a larger community.

So when we need a new idea, be sure to carry a bundle of old ideas. Every old idea leads us to a new idea.
Every idea has a hidden sapling of new idea in it.

The idea of travelling on a horse back has in it the hidden idea of a cart pulled by horses.
The cart pulled by horses holds in its chest another hidden idea of an automobile.
The idea of an automobile that runs on the road leads to airplanes that fly……

The idea of a free meal to strangers on their way has the idea of running a restaurant hidden in it.
It holds a secret to a big industry.

Need a new idea. Search it among old ideas.
Ideas lead to idea and finally to success.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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