Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ideas never die

Ideas are eternal.
Can we kill ideas? No.
Ideas can be created, but not destroyed.

We can kill people who originated and propagated ideas.
Some races are founded on a set of ideas. Some may try to destroy the race. But since the ideals remain eternal, the race cannot be wiped out. The outcome of the entire tribulation let loosed by Hitler on the Jewish race is a good example. Many tyrants have tried the annihilation of races, but have failed. These races could overcome all death warrants because of the ideals on which they stood.

The idea of ‘ruled and ruling class’ has its root in the thoughts of the great philosopher, Plato. It went through many hands taking different shapes. The dream of a one world empire of Alexander the Great etc. has a link with Plato. Many European nations also cherished such a dream during the colonial period. The idea still remains even after the fall of all colonial empires.

Hitler, Mussolini etc. had a dream of a ruling class and ‘ruled class’. Patriotism was not a positive emotion for them; it was tool to exploit the people emotionally. They are no more now, but ideas propagated by them are not dead.

We killed Socrates, his ideas still live. Jesus was crucified, his ideals are alive. Mahatma Gandhiji and Abraham Lincoln were murdered, their dreams will never die. Some of them had economic concepts too. Their economic concepts may not be practical now. But they are often discussed even in a world of Globalization and Liberalization. Because ideas never die.

Theories of Karl Marx and Engels are facing a setback these days. But never expect them to die.

There are positive and negative ideas.
Positive ideas are a spice of social life. They are savanna in a desert land. It is nourishing. They are the thread that unites a race. Let them live long.
Kingships are a fond memory in my state. We had many benevolent kings. The days of kingship are gone. But we love to peep back into those days.

Some other ideas are negative. They are destructive. We are eager to declare them dead. We try to kill ideas by killing people who propagate it. But none could so far kill any idea.

A communicated idea cannot be called back or killed.

How can we destroy negative ideas? Negative ideas are a threat to humanity. Interpretation or practice can change a positive idea to negative. Gradually that interpretation or practice becomes another idea. Because idea leads to idea.

Ideas can be destroyed only by another idea.
Ideas cannot be destroyed by killing people.
If there is a way to kill an idea, it is to fight against with another idea.
The only enemy of idea is another idea.

A better idea, or a positive idea can kill or at least put dormant an old or negative idea.

Look at business world. This principle rules over the business world. An idea of a business or a product is killed by another better idea. In business, ideas are the competitor, not people. It is a continuous fight for survival of the fittest.

So, produce ideas, create positive ideas. It will live eternal.

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