Monday, 28 January 2013

Managing the mass

Mass, as discussed here, is a gathering of people emotionally stirred and temporarily united.
Mass is different from individual.
Mass is a crowd of people.
Mass has no face, but has many faces.
Mass has no individuality.
Mass is an uncontrollable force.
Mass has a different psychology than individuals.

Mass psychology:
Mass is uncertain & unpredictable – violent or calm or both at a time
Mass is not easily communicative – it need a man of high Charisma to communicate to mass.
Mass never think for them. They have no brain, only heart.
Mass do not have any scientific approach to any problem
Mass is emotional not rational – easy to lead them into violence, fear, depression etc.
Mass is never dependable – not at all loyal
They demand instant solutions.
They respect only honorable people.
(Mass psychology is discussed in another blog)

Mass is an uncontrollable force.
When we face Mass we are facing an uncontrollable and formidable force
Not even nations and Kings can stand against it.
They have created revolutions.

Mass have a common agenda
Lament for a lost king.
Agitation against price hike.
Celebrating the victory of its leader …. Etc.

As the common agenda is fulfilled, it dissolves naturally. Otherwise it needs another

How to manage a mass?

1.    Speak emotionally touching their immediate needs
A passionate speech can gather and lead the mass in a particular way.
Touch their emotion – they follow us blindly.

2.    Suggest solutions for their immediate needs.
We have immediate needs and future needs
For a hungry fellow, food is his immediate need
His future need may be a house.
Long term needs can wait.
Immediate needs demand onsite solutions.
Suggest and guarantee an instant solution for all their immediate needs.

3.    Identify with the mass.
We understand their problem. We are really sorry for them. We are with them fighting for a solution.
Once we win their confidence, we can communicate effectively with them.

4.    Take them into confidence
We believe that they will think right and act properly

5.    Gain more time with them
Gain time enough to pacify them
It is difficult to hold a mass together for a long time. Gaining more time is strategy to weaken the strength of the mass.

6.    Scatter them – intellectually
Not by force
Divide and rule policy is still valid

7.    Bring them into the main stream
India has a marvelous characteristic of absorbing every theory and movements – political or philosophical

8.    Delay makes them forget their fight
Delay makes the mass impatient
Delay is a risk – but a risk worth taking

If we want the mass to do something, make them to do it quick and at one gathering.

9.    When a mass is emotionally violent, it is better to remain passive
This rule is breakable where:
The mass is turning physically violent and we are more powerful
Our immediate action to dissipate the mass is a must.

Allowing the mass to spend their emotion is the better way to kill it

Further reading:

Professor Jacob Abraham

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