Monday, 28 January 2013

Mass Psychology

What is a mass and how is it different from an individual?
Mass is a crowd. It is a gathering of people with an agenda based on emotion rather than intellect.
Mass is formed only when an agenda is turned emotional. Even intellectual reasons need emotional form to attract mass.

Since mass is a crowd, it has no face. It is not a combined force, it is a gathered force.
It is not formed in a crucible; it is put together like a salad.
So it has no face and character.

They are gathered by a slogan. It touched their emotion. It speaks of their immediate need. It cries for instant relief. It contains all their grievances.
Mass has no existence once the slogan becomes irrelevant.

Mass is an uncontrollable force. It is formidable.
Emotions are uncontrollable. The safest way is to spend it. Let it flow out.
The success of democracy lies here. The citizens have the right to think, speak and act anything they like, as long as it does not disturb another.
So the citizens think, speak and act and thus spend their emotions.
All passions spent, the rest is calm of mind.

Mass has no permanent leader. It does not put its trust on any one eternally.
Mass is lead by the charisma of the leader not by his intellect or expertise.
It prefers a dependable person than a brilliant personality.
It goes after any leader who would not betray.

Mass is uncertain and unpredictable. It turns violent or calm or both at a time.
Even the best leader cannot predict the character and mood of a mass.
So it is better to redress the grievance of the mass with speedy foot.

Mass is not easily communicative. It needs a man of high Charisma to communicate to mass.
Mass are not good listeners.
It listens only to a man who has acquired their confidence.
It seldom trusts any one. It is always suspicious. It has a habit of poking around the past unpleasant memories.

Mass is not a crowd for words. It is a crowd for action.
Promises and promises may not quench the mass.
It demands action – immediate action.

Mass never think for them. It never sees for itself.
It has no brain, no eyes; it has only a heart.
It leaves all thinking to their leader. It repeats what the leader says.

Mass do not have a scientific approach.
Emotions have no scientific base, no scientific explanation.
Mass is emotional not rational. So it is easy to lead them into violence, fear, depression etc.

Mass is never dependable. It is not loyal. Its mood changes unexpectedly.
No leader has eternal control over a crowd.
It is not ashamed to turn left or right and again to left or right.
So it is hard to maintain the leadership.
Today’s supporters may be tomorrow’s hangmen.

In Rome they stood with Julius Cesar, joined with his murderer Brutus and once again stood for the cause of Julius Cesar.

Mass demand instant solutions.
It gathers over an immediate need. Its demand is immediate solution.
It looks not far; it cares not for the future.
Tomorrow is not an accepted word for them. Today, now etc. are catching words.

They respect only honorable people.
Leaders are accepted through experience of years.
Leaders are built not instantly. Instant leaders are casualties.
Honorable leaders are not self declared leaders. They are created by the people.

Last advice:
Do not be a part of the mass
Be ourselves. Have a face, brain, eyes, nose and a heart of our own.
Do not be a parrot.

Further reading:
Professor Jacob Abraham

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