Monday, 21 January 2013

Multiply and subdue

What is the best way to subdue? The best answer is multiply.
Who can apply this principle? All who ask this question.
Where can they apply? Where ever they want to subdue.

Have you ever thought of the creator of this principle? It is God. He created Adam and Eve and commanded them to subdue the earth by multiplying.

“And God blesseth them, and God saith to them, `Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over fish of the sea, and over fowl of the heavens, and over every living thing that is creeping upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:28 YLT)

The earth was not a living organism. Earth had animals, birds and greenery as living organisms.
Did God mean to subdue only the living organisms on the earth? I prefer to think differently. God included the living and non living organisms in his command ‘subdue’.
Did God mean to use a merciless dictatorship to exploit the earth and its living organisms? No. God meant a co existence, living with the help of all other living and non living organisms.

So ‘subdue, has no negative connotation. It is living together with their help. Man has to sustain earth and all in it, and earth will sustain him.

‘Subdue’ is creating a presence and living together.

To live together, benefiting mutually, God presented a simple plan: fruitful, multiply, fill and subdue.
Knowingly or unknowingly, all industrial and business firms are using this principle to subdue by creating presence.
Creating presence is otherwise known as ‘brand building’. But a little more is added to brand building when a presence is created.

If man failed to fulfill the advice of God, he would extinct within a short time. Man was a tiny spot on earth.
He was cared for by ‘subduing’ the earth.
That makes subduing an important principle of business.
‘Multiply and subdue’ or extinct.

What did God say?

1.       Fruitful – produce another of its own kind. An institution is like a plant which produces potential seeds. The seeds in its turn produce more plants.
2.       Multiply – being fruitful will result in its multiplication. The process of being fruitful must go on from generation to generation. A firm should multiply in branches or products or both.
3.       Fill – make the presence felt. Brand building is the new term. But the name of the brand on the lips of the people is not enough. The business firm must be present at every place it wishes to subdue. We cannot start automobile companies everywhere, but it can be present everywhere through its product – the car.
4.       Subdue is the result of all the above three actions.

Is the principle of multiply and subdue is about branching out
Does branching out necessary for multiplying and subduing?

Multiply is creating a presence. Methods of creating presence are different with firms according to its products. The example of automobile company mentioned above may be noted. Financial institutions many open branches in different locations.

So go forward. Multiply and subdue.

Prof. Jacob Abraham

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