Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ways to success

Success is personal. Way to success is also personal. There is no ‘only way’ to success.
Motivational speakers and success gurus teach general principles; but they cannot and do not preach a ‘royal only way’.
The concept of success is different from person to person. It is because vision is personal, not a public affair. Success is the fulfillment of vision. (Please read my blog on: Vision and Dream).

To become a famous singer is a dream. When it is translated into a person’s vision, it gets multi dimensions.
We may wish to become a famous singer for:
A life of luxury
To raise money for charitable activities
Just because of the love for music etc. …..

Dream and vision are two different things. Vision is unique and so way to its fulfillment is also unique.

Ways to success are unique. It is personal.
The way to success for me is different from another person. So, I have great responsibility to find out my way to success.
I should recognize my way to success and move forward through it.

I used the word ‘recognize’ in the sentence above to suggest that there are many ways to success. We may come across all of them.
Opportunities knock always, not just once. Each opportunity is a new way to success. They come one by one. At some juncture of life, more than one way to success may be lie spread before us. All these lead to success. But all are not for all.

There are many ways to success. All are not for us. All ways do not lead us to the fulfillment of our vision. There is one way, one particular way that will surely take us to success. Another way will lead another person to success.

It is in this context, the phrase I used above, ‘recognize the way to success’ becomes significant.
All ways are not our ways. All ways will not lead us to success.

How can we recognize our way to success?
I confess my inability to prescribe a way for a general audience.
Since success is the fulfillment of vision, vision is personal and the way to success is also personal, the whole responsibility to find the apt way to success lies in the person himself.
General theories can support us in our search and analysis. But the final choice must be personal.

We find some becoming successful in their life, some others doing well and some others not doing bad. The choice of the way to success makes the difference.

‘Trail and run’ method is good. But it demands time and resource. If we find the way we tried for some years unsatisfactory, we should run away from it for another. Meanwhile we might have lost some time and resource. If the loss does not cause a total destruction, ‘trial and run’ method is the best. One positive aspect of this method is that we take the final decision based on our proven personal experience.

Adhering to the way we happened to choose once may not lead us the fulfillment of our vision. It is advisable where ‘trail and run’ method is no more practicable.

There is an inherent chance of failure in ‘trail and run method’.
Can we avoid it? How?
Take utmost diligence in the choice of the way to success.

We shall discuss ‘trail and run method’ in another blog.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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