Thursday, 24 January 2013

What is your product?

The following is an imaginary conversation.

Q: What is your product?
A: Car.
Q: Car? There are a lot of cars already running like mad men though out the world. My question is what is your product?
A: Oh! Now I got it. A car which needs no head lamb to run during the light.
Q: Funny, are you going to hit on other vehicles?
A: No. you see, we have digital cameras that take clear picture in night.
Q: So?
A: The images are seen by the photographer in the display panel of the camera before he ‘click’. If there is a camera that can take photographs in night and display the images on the panel, why cannot we think of such a windscreen to the car.
Q: Now you have hit on your product. Go on. You may have to made additions and improvements to this idea.

The question is what is your product? The answer is not ‘a car’. The correct answer is ‘a car that can run safely without a head lamb during night’.

Your product must not be a duplication of what exists. Why bother to duplicate when there is fine product already. Why challenge a gentleman who strives to materialize his dream.
Can you produce something of your own? Then there is a space for you.

Your product is an original concept materialized.

It may be an up gradation of something already exists. But it must have a new story to tell.
Why should I buy your product? That is the question. Your product should answer the question.

If it is telling the same story with the same beginning, middle and end, what will be the response of the people? They would exclaim: “Oh! We already had it enough”.
But if you add a new episode that turns the story to new heights, people will flock around.

Originality is not a ‘never seen before’ product. It is a product which has something that claims the label, ‘my product’.

An additional feature just for addition sake is not originality. The additional feature must be an improvement on the old product. It must be an additional facility to the customers. It must be a materialization of what they said when they bought the old product, “Oh! If this had just one more facility’.

We must boldly claim, ‘This is not a duplication of any existing product.’

There is nothing like a ‘never before heard idea’. People are full of ideas. The funny thing is that they do not believe in it. People are talking new ideas every minute. But they never expect their ideas to materialize.
Pick up these ideas. Materialize them. Let people exclaim: “this is my dream come true.”

Ideas are not a rare thing. Those who materialize them are rare.

Our emphasize is on ‘my product’. Let us make a new story. At least a new episode that would change the whole course of action thereafter.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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