Monday, 18 February 2013

A lesson from a sales executive

Creating and maintaining relationships are important to employees like sales executives, insurance agents and the like. Most of them are interested in creating customers only. Relatives are a different race. “Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”(The Bible; Psalms 127:5)

I came to this fact from an experience with a sales executive who sold electric inverters for home. I bought one from him and successfully installed it in my home. The sales executive was not a smart person. He had a drawling and monotonous way of speaking. He was not persuasive. I bought the electric inverter from him only because I was planning for a while to buy one. After the installation, I forgot all about him because he had nothing with him to linger in my memory. But after six months, he appeared in my house once again. This time he came not to sell. But just to say ‘hallo’ to my family. He was passing by and thought about the relationship he built. He remembered my house, my name, my family members, the exact variant of product he sold to me, the date of the sale and a lot more like this. It really made me think different of him. He left after a few minutes talk. Before he left, I took note of his name and his phone number. I had the phone number of the company who supplied the electric inverter. But this time I had built a relationship with their sales executive. So I took note of his phone number and name. There after whenever a talk about electric inverter occurred with my blood relatives or friends, I never missed to tell them about this sales executive who has become my relative.

I told this wonderful story of an otherwise dull sales executive to another bank executive. I advised this bank executive to follow his path.
I am not a person who insists on things upon others. I shared my experience and the impression he left on me.
But more than I expected happened. The bank executive started to build relationships instead of a circle of customers. And he was astonished to find relationship leading to relationships.
Whenever he had to fulfill a target set by the bank, he informed his relatives about it. They stated to work for him reducing his effort.

·         Customers are a liability. Relationships are an asset.
·         Relationships are your lengthened hand.
·         They are human resource available without any payment.
·         They are a reliable and dependable source.
·         As the number of relatives increase your effort in sale decrease.
·         They forget and forgive unintentional lapses.
·         They speak for you where you cannot speak.
·         They stand surety for you.

And they are a lot more…..

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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