Thursday, 28 February 2013

Are we in our space?

Are you living in your space? Are you doing business in your space? Are you working in your space?
These questions are very important in leading a peaceful life.

If you are undergoing constantly under competition, fear of failure, uncertainty, anxiety and other bad dreams, one of the reasons for it may that you are not living/working in your space.

I am working as Professor of English in a college. I am about to retire from my job on 30 April 2015. The other day my friend asked me whether I am ready to join a private school as teacher of English after the retirement.  I said a big ‘no’. I denied the offer because the work as a teacher in a school is not my space. I am sure that I will not be at peace in a wrong space. I will never succeed as a school teacher. It is not my space.

A novelist may write good novels, but bad poems. An internationally famous poet may fail as a novelist.
I have seen successful CEOs of companies turning colossal failure as politicians. History has stories of many artists failing in national parliaments.

Why a man succeeds and why another one fails in the same space?

I hope you have already got an idea of what I mean by the word ‘space’. Space is the area where you live or work. For a businessman his space is business. For an employee the work he does is his space (not the office).
There are wider space and personal space. Business is a wider space and the particular business in which one is involved is the personal space.
Personal space is more determining in our life. So we are discussing the personal space only.

Everybody has his own space in this world.
India’s ‘Nano’ is the smallest fully fledged car in the world. It is the cheapest. I wrote about it in some other blogs. India is also a good market for luxury cars.
The smallest car has its own space; a luxury car has its own space.
The manufacturer of the smallest car should not try to sell his product among rich people. He should target common man for selling his small cars. The demand, sale and profit etc. will be as offered by the space for a small car. He should never compare these facts with the company result of luxury cars.
More small cars may be sold than luxury cars. But profits may more with luxury cars.
If the manufacturer of small car intrudes into the space of luxury cars, he is sure to face failure. The same theory is applicable to luxury cars.

The above illustration explains a theory of space.
Living or working in your space is important for success. Striving for success in a wrong space is futile.

One of the reasons for continuous failure is working in a wrong space and remaining there. When we face a setback, evaluate the failure. One of the many other questions that may be asked to us should be, ‘Am I in my space?”

Everybody has a space in this world. Even a beggar can become a success in his trade and grow to a better living. The rich and poor; ignorant and wise; strong and weak have a space in this universe.
But we often try to step into others space.

In my state, it is the habit of people to follow others blindly. If someone has succeeded in a particular business, it catches like wild fire and everybody goes after it. The result is failure in many lives.

Every business is not your space.
Every job is not your space.
Every branch of study is not your space.

Working in our space offers a competition free life. Your space is your own. You are not encroaching into other’s spaces. Your own space is always your ‘safe zone’. No real competition is there. Someone intruding into your space may offer a challenge. But if you are confident of your space, do not throw a competition. For competitions will never succeed.

Why compete when we are in our space and another is in his space.
Live happily and work peacefully.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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