Sunday, 3 February 2013

Business is for the people

Business is for the people; not for the merchant.
The first and foremost beneficiary must be the customer. The trader is only the secondary beneficiary.
When the trader becomes the first beneficiary, the customer is estranged. The trader becomes a crook and cheat.
Trading must be a service to the people. A merchant must be a person in their service who fetches valuables for them from far away land.
The margin money or the profit is paid gladly by the customer for this valuable service.

Profit is not a hidden part of the trade.
When trade is a service, profit is the reward for the service. Customers pay the reward because the existence of the trader is a part of their comfort.

So take your business to where people need it.
Your multi utility vehicles are not a necessity for the village folks. They need food and clothes. They need some additions to make their life comfortable. They are happy to own certain “luxuries”. Take these things to the village folks and sell it there.
Our multi utility vehicle has another place and people.

Do not try to sell shoes among people who have no legs. They do not need it.
Sell shoes to people who have legs but no shoes.
Shoe sales will flourish in a rocky and thorny country than in a land of golden sand.

Our products that we are trying to trade should improve the quality of life of the people. It must not be an addition for which they find no meaning.
Relate the product to their daily life. Our product should narrate the reason to purchase it. People must be convinced of the improvement it can effect. It must effect a quality change in their life style.
Our products must be a changer; a life quality changer.

Permit no customer to regret for buying your products. They must feel proud. Gradually it must become an integral part of their life.
Forcing the customers through any means to buy a product that they will never find any use in their life will create suspicion.  They will never believe us again.
Regret is painful, it is vengefulness.

Do not create enemies. Enemies do none good.
Lack of friends keeps the door open for friendship. Enemies are a closed door.
It is difficult to create friends; but easy to create enemies.
A regretting customer is an enemy.

We have freedom to introduce new products to the people. We are the people who take the blessings of science and technology to the people.
But we have the responsibility to explain how it can improve their life.
We should stay back till their life quality is improved.
After they are convinced through experience, we should be able say: “See I told you, this will do marvel in your life”.
And the people should reply, “We are indebted to you.”
This is the successful moment of business.

Remember we are serving the people by supplying their needs at their convenience.
Profit is only a reward for this service.
Merchants and traders must be service people.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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