Thursday, 21 February 2013

Competition free business

Let us discuss here five ways to live with a competition free business.

1.    Our business is our own, does not belong to anybody else.

How did you build the business? Is it a copy of somebody else? Is it a clone of another business?
Build the business on our own idea. A business should be founded on idea not on greed for money, an intense desire for fame or power.
Our purpose of doing is business is important. Make it sure that the way to success in our life is this particular business.
The foundation stone must be an idea.
Idea creates passion; passion leads to success.
Vision is an idea turned into life’s purpose. You must have our own vision. We cannot copy anybody else vision.
The strategy of the business must be our own.
It is good to understand different strategies of a successful business. Do attend conferences, training sessions, seminars etc. to collect as much information on different strategies. But do not jump from book to road. Let all information you collected be passed through a furnace in your mind. Your vision and idea must act as an active catalyst. The information on different strategies undergoes a chemical decomposition and composition. The final product that precipitates is your business strategy.
Run your business only on your own strategy.
What are your goals? Not the same as the other business man. Set your own goals.
All these will make your business your own. Nobody else can copy you. So you will have no competitor.

2.    Work in your own space.

Finding a personal space is very important for success. It depends on what you are dealing with. Do not intrude into others space. They have already set foot there.
The field is wide and varied. Find your own space.
Every space has an opportunity. If somebody is successful in their space, it is because he has recognized the opportunity his space offers. Customers are varied. Their interests and needs are varied. Always a new business is awaited.

3.    All who finishes the race are winners.

There is no one winner, there are winners. Running consistently is the secret of success; not running fast. Life is different from an athletic race. So there are no competitors in the field, only co runners.

4.    You are not a competitor.

You are not competing with any other. You are only serving with others. Your aim is not the defeat of anybody else. The aim is your success. Your success does not depend on the defeat of anybody else. You are only trying to fulfill the purpose of your life; fulfill your vision. None is your enemy; all are cheerers.

5.    Do not forget to cheer others.

You need encouragement. You need a cheer up occasionally. Tough times will come. There will be times of slower speed. At time you may be running at high speed. You need a crowd to cheer up.
Giving is better than taking. So give more. Cheer others. Support them in trouble. Motivate them when they are tired.
You will surely get back all of them.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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