Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dead to thinking is death

Think for ourselves. Speak for ourselves. Act by ourselves. Do not live on borrowed ideas. Do not be a parrot to repeat whatever the master says.

One of the basic natures of man everywhere is to shift the responsibility of living. He is ready to sacrifice some of his freedom for it. Freedom is responsibility.
Kings were created because man preferred to shift responsibility to him. Dictators established their throne on this weakness of man.

I used to wonder, why man hesitates to take responsibility for his own life. He shifts it to his life partner. Both shift it to the government.

The same nature is seen in all sphere of his life.
The greatest tragedy is that man hesitates to think for himself. Thinking is the beginning of the construction of his life.
He may read and read. But never think for himself. As Francis Bacon said, we should not take it for granted everything that is printed.
We should not swallow everything that is heard.
Hearing and reading goes into our mind. It goes into our life. But before it precipitate, let us pass it through another process.
Think for ourselves.
Read and think. Hear and think.

We are not parrots. We have eyes. We have ears. We have comprehensive capacity.
Allow everything we hear and read to pass through a funnel of our thinking processes.

Does the advertisement say the truth?
Does the market survey say the truth?
Does the politician say the truth?
What will be the effect if things go the other way?

We are to live with our life. We cannot live with someone else’s life. Whatever happens to us pertains to us and our family alone.
A big ‘sorry’ is a way of escape for all mistakes done by others. But can we escape from the effects of mistakes in our life with a big ‘sorry’? No. Then think for ourselves.

We are not behind others. We may not be far ahead; but certainly are not far behind. Often commonsense is more correct than an intellectual bombast.

What are stealing away our thinking capacity?
News papers, new generation media, politicians, moralists, individualists etc. are culprits.
I do not intend to condemn all the above and the like. But when they cross the boundary and enter into our thinking realm and steal our capacity to think, they become criminals.

We need guides not dictators.
We need assistants not substitutes.
We need a lamb not a way. We shall find our own way.

Dead to thinking is death. A man who does not think is not alive. Only a thinking man lives.
Only a thinking man speaks for himself.
Only a thinking man can act by himself.
All others are salves to some other masters.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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