Sunday, 10 February 2013

Failure of the team

Vision gets momentum when we share it with your friends and relatives. Vision is no secret. Sharing vision is beginning of its fulfillment.
Sharing vision is the beginning of all trouble. Beware with whom we share your vision.
By sharing the vision, we are spreading the banner. The vision has become public. We cannot pull back. Going forward is the only option.

Never turn back.
Expect the best; be ready for the worst.

Why share? We need a team to fulfill your vision. A team to share and support.
When we receive a vision, be sure that a team is getting ready somewhere.
Sharing our vision with our friends and relatives is a search for a team. If we find at our first try, we are blessed. If not go on searching by sharing your vision

Sharing creates enemies too.

Vision is not a night dream. Vision is implanted in us by God. God is the creator and the preserver of vision. When God implanted the vision inside us, he has made everything necessary for its fulfillment
He has chosen a team of friends and relatives

Still our team may fail.

Enemies are misunderstood team members. Ignorance is the reason for their failure. The vision is good for them too. Still they may reject our vision.
Dissociate with them. Do not associate with them anymore. Break up the team. Move away and move forward.

Vision has an innate power.
Failures are not the end. Failures are only temporary hindrances.
Hold on to your vision. Vision has an innate power to survive. It has an intrinsic power to lift you up from dungeons. Because of it you went down. Its innate power will lift you up.

None can defeat a man with a vision. Your enemies may think they have killed you. But because of your vision, you will never die.

Welcome failures. They are only temporary hindrances. Each temporary hindrance is a turning point.

Look at the river.
A huge rock in the middle on the way down is a hindrance indeed. It will stop the river for a moment
But only for a moment. The river will find a way to move forward around the rock. It will once again be united and flow on and on…..

Will any bird stop flying because of high mountains? It will find a new way around or above the mountain.

One huge rock or mountain may create one obstacle, but three new ways to move forward – above, left and right

Failures are turning points.

Failures are turning points. You are leaving an old path. You are entering a new path to success
Each failure is a new experience:

                               A lesson to success
                               Enabling you to success
                               Teaching you how to handle success

Be thankful to failures – they foreshadow your great success. Be thankful for our enemies – we have got the right vision
Same vision; new path; new experience

Evaluate our failure and success.
If our friends fail, we fail. If our team fails, we fail.
You are meeting your first failure.
Evaluate why you or our friends failed.
Do not allow the failure to repeat

It may be because:
Your dream is too big for your friends.
Your friends have misunderstood it as a vision solely for you – it was your survival and theirs too.
Those who understood did not support you in public.
They have no capacity for your vision.

Do not be dismayed. Do not despair. This is a turning point. You are moving forward to find a new team
Vision belongs to God. You are only its faithful steward
Vision has an innate power to fulfill it.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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