Friday, 1 February 2013

Ideas are the life of an entrepreneurship

Who is the friend of an entrepreneur? Ideas. Who is the enemy of an entrepreneur? Ideas.
Looks confusing?
A successful entrepreneurship is built on ideas. Human resource is utilized to materialize those ideas.

This whole blog is for entrepreneurs. The theme of idea is treated here for their benefit. Apparent contradictions, if any, with any of my other blogs is not intended.  Every argument presented here is contextual.

What does a trader actually sells? What does an industrialist actually produce? The answer is “Ideas”.
Every successful trader has a successful secret. The secret is the idea behind the business. He builds his business on an idea. It is personal so that no one can copy it.

Personalizing the idea is a must for a business man.
Ideas are like a beautiful gown, a gown that more than one man can wear.  It is universal in size.
But when a man wears it, he has to make certain adjustments to fit it to his body. Once the garment is sized, it becomes personal.
Ideas are to be sized and made personal before an entrepreneurship is built on it.

Ideas are the life of business. Business is born from an idea and it runs on that idea.
En enemy of a business is another idea not another business.
We often make mistake by competing with people. But people are not our enemies. Our enemies are ideas.
Another successful business is another successful idea.

Ideas have no competitor only annihilators. Ideas are killed by another idea.
Another more brilliant idea is not a competitor; it is the annihilator of the less good idea. Competing with a better idea is a mistake that may lead to the end of our business. It is better to let the less good idea die. Leave it for a natural death and find a more brilliant idea than the second.

Ideas are to be fought with idea. Business, since it is built on ideas, is to be fought with ideas.
War of ideas is not harmful. It is beneficial to humanity.

There is nothing like failure of an idea. Ideas may misfit and come untimely. Sometimes, it comes early and at another occasion, it comes late. Some ideas appear at wrong geographical area.
For a successful business, right idea at right time with right man is important.

Ideas live in community. So no idea comes alone. Ideas are always followed by other ideas.
So death of an idea caused by another better idea is not the end of our business.
Another more brilliant idea than the second one is waiting in queue.
Recruiting it is the only delay.

Do not work for an idea; let the idea work for you.
Employee the idea; don’t become an employer of any idea.

Have a happy entrepreneurship!

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