Thursday, 7 February 2013

Night is not dark

Is night dark? It is dark for almost everyone in this world. But there is an exception.  A few do not see the darkness of the night. It is because there are the moon and the stars in the night.

Night is not dark for those who can see the moon and the stars.

As I wrote some days ago in another blog, night indeed is the darkest time of the day.
A day has a length of 24 hours. But we often call the 12 hours when we have the sun in the sky as the day. Day time denote the 12 hours of sunlight. Night is kept behind the day. But it is wise to remember always that a day is not 12 hours but 24 hours.

So day is a mixture of 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness?
No a day is a 24 hours day where there is no darkness.

It is funny to argue like this. Everybody knows that after the sunset, darkness slowly creeps in and swallows everything.
But everybody’s knowledge is not the truth always.
Democracy is not the best way to find the truth. Democracy is only a political system to rule a country according to the wishes and fancy of its citizens.
It is not a system to find the truth. Majority is not always correct.

Truth is always truth. Truth is not affected by our experience. Truth is not how we look at things. Truth is an unattainable ancient mountain that is always there, whether you neglect or accept it existence. Who can hide such an ancient mountain for long from people’s view? That is why we often say that the ‘truth always will be out’.

Is there no light in the night? Look around. Look forward and backward. Look up and down.
Many see only the darkness – the growing darkness.
For them inactive waiting for the sunrise is the only hope.
Sun rise is not a controllable activity. Man has nothing to do with it. If sun ever rises, they rise actively and enjoy the light. Or else, they remain inactive.

But there are a few others. They see the darkness slowly creeping in after every sunset.
They look around, up and down.
And Lo! They see the moon and the stars. The moon shines and starts twinkle. However the darkness tries, it cannot swallow the moon and the stars. The light that emanates from the moon and the stars fall down for them who finds it.
For them night is not dark.
Night is not a time of inactive waiting for a natural sun rise. Their life is not controlled by any external phenomena.

Economic depression, natural calamities, rain, drought, crash in the stock exchange, political unrest and all likewise is a disturbance like the night.
But it is not a time of inaction. It is not a resting time. It is not a sleeping time.

Because night is not dark.
Night is not dark for those who can see the moon and the stars.

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