Sunday, 3 February 2013


What is positioning?
It is placing ourselves today where we want to see us tomorrow.
If we want to see us as the CEO of a company, place ourselves today as the CEO of a company.

No tree grows on the surface of the earth. No tree grows on the apex of a plant. Every tree grows from its roots that go deep into the earth.
Roots are not the last part of the tree. It is the first part.
Roots are not the latest growth, it is the first growth.
No roots, no plant.

Roots are the beginning. It is the dream for a big tree.
A shoot may not need roots. But shoots without roots offer no hope.

Positioning is the beginning. It is the dream. It is first step towards the materialization of the dream.
Action is the fuel for a dream to move forward to its fulfillment.
The first root sprouts out as the first step towards the full grown tree.
The first action is ‘positioning’.

When should we take the first action? Soon after the first dream.
Position ourselves soon after the first dream of becoming the CEO of a company.
The answer is simple:
Think like a king, speak like a king and act like a king. One day you will become a king.

Learn who is a CEO?
What does he think?
What does he speak?
What does he do?

Can a school boy position himself to a CEO?
Positioning is not suddenly behaving as a CEO. It is behaving like a CEO of tomorrow.
It is:
Thinking like the future CEO
Speaking like the future CEO
Acting like the future CEO

It is rejecting and accepting certain behavioral patterns.

CEOs think in a different way. He stands different from others.
CEOs speak in a different way. His accent may be the same. He may be speaking what others are speaking. But he does not speak all what others speak. He is silent about some talks of other people.
CEOs act differently. They walk, run, eat and sleep like other people. But he does not do all what others do. He avoids certain actions.

A CEO is not one among many. He is not part of a crowd.  He is not an ingredient in a crucible. He is a piece in a salad. 
He never identifies himself with others. He stands away from the crowd.

Positioning is isolation. Positioning is alienation.
All leaders are isolated and often alienated figures.
It is the price we give for the fulfillment of the dream.

Positioning is the first step towards the fulfillment of your dream.

Dress for tomorrow.
Eat for tomorrow.
Dream for tomorrow
Think, speak and act for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our real life. It is purpose of our life. Without tomorrow, life is meaningless.
Look into tomorrow. Live according to whatever you find there.

Positioning makes you, great or poor.

Professor Jacob Abraham
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