Thursday, 28 February 2013


In our country, there is a kind of train which we call “push-pull”. Push-pull trains have two engines. One is in the front and another is in the back. The engine in the front pulls the engine and at the same time the engine in the back pushes. These types of trains are useful in hilly areas where they have to mount high mountains.

The ‘push’ engine at the back is not a leader. It pushes forward. This work of the engine is dangerous if it goes out of control.
Pushing is simply exercising force to move forward.
Pushing is fine if it works in accordance with the pulling engine. If it works as a support to the pulling engine, it is doing a wonderful job.
But think of a pushing engine without a pulling engine! It pushes and pushes without ever considering of the right track.

Pushing is a force used to move something when it fails to move naturally. It is an impatient act of ‘getting there before the time’. It is taking the natural laws in hands. It is breaking the decorum of glorified waiting.  

Everything has a natural speed. Business has its own speed to move to the next higher level. In professional life, one has to wait for the right opportunity to move up. A student has to attend certain hours of class room study before he appears for the exam. A sick person has to be patient with the doctor and medicine to get cured.

Pulling is leading. It goes in front weighing every step. It is working not for itself, but for many others too. It is pulling a train of followers.
Every success is the success of others too. Every land conquered is for all those who are behind.
It is pulling the weak ones as one goes forward.
Pulling is a positive act.

Pushing takes a business or carrier to a place where it cannot otherwise reach. Hence it cannot remain there for long.
Pulling is lifting the business/carrier to a higher level. It is enabling.
Pushing uses fear as motive; pulling empowers.

Pulling is leading. A leader transmits his positive energy into his followers. Pulling imparts a confidence in the followers that there is a leader in the front.
It is pulling the weak, downtrodden, depressed and defeated.

Pulling is easier than pushing.
Pushing transfers no positive energy into others. It uses brutal force.
Pulling is only a gesture of help. Being in the front is sufficient for others to follow. It uses no force, rather transfer energy into others to climb up.
“Climb up, for I have done it already”, is the message of the pull-engine.

A push engine says “go”; a pull engine says “come”.

Be a pull engine.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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