Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rational passion

Right decisions at right time take you half way to success.
Right decisions need right mind. Right mind is created by rational emotions and passions. If emotions and passions are let loose to create havoc in our mind; our decisions also will create havoc. Right mind has reasoned emotions and passions.

Success is often attained by people who run with a passion. But irrational passion creates frustration.

What is a rational passion? Let us learn it from an anecdote.

A young man had a beautiful girl friend who was turning 19 the next day. He was passionately in love with her. He wanted to express all his love for her through a birthday present. The present must be an externalization of his love, passion and care for her. He decided to make this nineteen an unforgettable event.

In the eve of her birthday, he strolled into a gift shop. He looked around weighing everything available there. He tried to connect his love, passion and care with all these gifts. He was not satisfied with any thing except the traditional concept of a bunch of red rose flowers. Red is love. Red is passion. Flowers express his care. He decided to buy a bunch of red flowers and present it to her early in the morning.

But the decision could not be executed easily. More questions came to his mind. This time it was not about the gift he had to buy; but the quantity he had to buy. She is turning 19. How many red roses should he buy?

A bunch of red roses contains 12 lovely red flowers. One can add more flowers to it he prefers. She is turning 19. Should he buy a bunch of flowers containing 12 flowers or should he add 7 more to it making it a total of 19 flowers. 19 flowers exact her birthday. He hesitated in between.

The sales girl was noticing him since he entered the shop. He was walking around and around and then stopped at the red flowers. She guessed his intention of buying a birthday gift. She saw him hesitating in between. His face translated his pain. She decided to help him and thus stop the trauma.

The sales girl at the store approached him and said: Sir, I suppose you are searching for a birthday gift. Can I help you?
Ah… yes, please. I would like to buy a birthday gift for my girl friend. And I have decided to buy these red roses. But I cannot come to conclusion about the number of flowers. Should I buy a bunch of 12 red flowers or 19 flowers? She is turning 19.
Well… I got you. Let me ask you a personal question, if you do not mind. I suppose your girl friend will become your wife some day.
Your girl friend is now 19 and one day she will be your 60 year old wife. Right?
A flower for each year of her life is 19 now and will be 60 in future. It is sound decision. Will it be better to rationalize your emotions and go for a bunch of 12 red flowers?

The young man bought a bunch of 12 red roses.
He learned to master his passion.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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