Monday, 25 February 2013

Red is strength

Red is strength. Red is endurance.
Some bits of thoughts came to me the other day while I cast a casual look on a red brick. Red bricks are used in our land for construction of buildings. It is considered to be the strongest material to build walls. Though there are some other materials to construct walls of buildings, red bricks are the most used.

Then I thought for a moment about the story of red bricks. How they are manufactured? What makes them so strong and reliable?

Red bricks are not made from red sand. It is made from sticky dark mud. The mud is available in certain areas of land, especially beside some paddy fields. The mud there is stickier than the earth found elsewhere. So the mud is dug and mixed with water to form the clay. The mud and water is mixed thoroughly by people pressing on it by their legs. It is a heavy task. Thus a dark clay is formed.

The clay bears it all; all mixing, pressing and all other tortures on it.
It endures to become the strong red brick that supports huge buildings.

The dark clay is filled in rectangular moulds and is kept in hot sun for drying. The heat of the sun dries the clay; it takes away all water from it. The dark brick in the mould bears the heat of the sun, the dehydration and other related problems.
It dreams of a transformation into a strong red brick.

The mould is removed. The dark brick is ready for the most painful part of its life. Dark bricks are placed one above another in a particular fashion in a heap. They know what is approaching. But none trembles. Like one destined for a sacrifice for the betterment of a larger cause, they silently surrenders.

Fire is lit below the heap of bricks. Blazing flames rise up around and above them. Thirsty fire tries to swallow each brick. Flames are like hungry lions that were let loose on innocent unarmed men in ancient Rome. It burns the bricks. Each brick feels the scorch. Their body turns red. Dark colour is lost. They burn and burn borrowing the colour of fire. As they burn, they dream of huge buildings constructed with them. They dream about the beauty they impart to houses, hospitals, parks, hotels etc.

They know that burning is the only way to gain strength. It is the only way to imbibe the red colour of fire. It is the only way to cast away their weakness.
Once burned, they are red. Red is a sign that they are burned. They must bear that sign to the world. We are not mud or clay; we are burned and made strong.
They can stand against wind and rain. Snow and sun are no more a threat to them.
They stop floods, fire, wind, animals, birds and other enemies.

Its colour and strength have a story of long suffering and perseverance. It was burned. It endured it all.
It was not red; but is transformed into red.

Red is strength and endurance.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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