Monday, 25 February 2013

Sitting on the fence

Tired of sitting on the fence and want to start living the life you love?

Sitting on the fence is a condition in which the person is neither this side not the other side. It has another implication of wishing to venture but hesitating to jump. I do not want to go to the extreme that the person on the fence is impotent to venture. We are not talking about people in that etherized condition.
Let us discuss here people who have the potency to act but lack the motivation to venture.

They sit on the fence weighing the merits and demerits both sides. They have a lot to consider before the plunge.
They are men of thoughts not men of action. They are analyzing all the “ten reasons not to do.” They have many reasons not to go forward.

But they hesitate to withdraw. Success on the other side is inviting. They cannot take their eyes away from the successful people on the other side.
What they really lack? It is “guts.” They lack the guts for adventure.
None can assure of success at every dip. But without venturing none become a success or failure.

As long as they sit on the fence, they remain sick of the left and right. They have decided to leave the left but have not moved to the right. Fence is not a comfortable place. It is pain. The past draws you back, which you resist with all your might. The future beckons you, but you hesitate to move.

As long as you sit on the fence, you are wasting time and opportunity. Opportunity waits for none. It is like a pageant on the stage. It comes, smiles at you, winks and leaves the stage. Catch it at the right moment and possess it. It is the only way to success.

The one who sits on the fence is only a spectator. He is not playing a part in the game. Only those who run and sweat will win. He sees his track empty of a runner. He is the runner, but sits and weighs on the bench.

Success is not like an ice cream seller who comes to your seat and sells. It is like a dish in a self serving cafe. You can sit watching others enjoying food and coffee or serve yourself with the choicest dishes.
Opportunity is equal for all. Some use it while others watch the winners.

The only way to move to the other side of the fence is to ‘move’. Stop meditating. Stop philosophizing.
Procrastination is a crab that eats from inside of the fruit. It is a poison of inaction. Procrastination is fed by fear. It is fear of failure.

Groundless fear is caused by ignorance. Fear has its roots in ignorance about the truth. The truth is that failure is not an end. It is failure that brought us up to this part of life. Each failure has an innate motivation for another try. From childhood to coffin, we try to rise up from each fall.
So do not be afraid of failure. We shall rise again.

Why watch from the fence. Jump down to the fire. Let it consume or ignite you. You will never be ignited without an encounter with the fire.
Sitting on the fence is no gain for you. You are wasting away.
Why not die success?
Jump and you will realize the final truth that nothing can defeat a man like you.

Wish you all success.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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