Monday, 4 February 2013

Struggle for success

Success has no easy beginning, no easy middle and no easy end. In fact success has no end at all.
Success is not an end.
Success is struggling forward.
Success is only a temporary resting place on the way to a greater success.
Success is a temporary relief promising a greater comfort.
Success is a refreshing drink during the hard struggle for greater success.
It is a round of applause encouraging to struggle forward.

There is nothing like success. There is only struggling for success.
Each success is a hurdle we have overcome in our way to the greater success.

Success is not a truth. Struggling for success is the only truth.
So success needs no easy beginning, no easy middle and no easy end.
We never succeed. The struggle is on …..

Do this blog, sound pessimistic. I intend it otherwise.
I want to tell you that success is not a conquer-celebration programme. It is a struggle for a greater success.

Why I repeatedly use the word ‘struggle’.
I want to convey the message that moving forward to success is a struggle. No easy inheritance is a success. No lucky prize is success. No lottery prize is success.

If someone asks me, how I can achieve success, my answer will be, “friend, always struggle to move forward.”
I do not believe in an easy success.
A son who inherited rich revenue from his father is not a success. The father who created a wealth from nothing is the success.
The difference is that, the son did never struggle to create wealth, but the father created all by struggling to move forward.

Only a man who wishes to move forward is in a meaningful struggle.
Struggle for mere existence is not a struggle for success. It is a pitiful picture of a human being. He suffers because he stands still.
The same quantity of pain is sufficient for him to struggle to move forward. Moving is the only way to change situations.
No one in this world is forcing us to stand still. No one forces us to lead a miserable life.

Misfortune may fall on us unexpectedly. But misfortune does not force us to remain still in it.
Misfortune is a tragedy. A tragedy always has message to rise up and move forward. A tragedy is remainder of the unfavourable situation we are in. It is a punishment for staying so long in an unfavourable situation. It is a warning of a greater calamity if we do not move out. It is a push to go out.

Slowing the pace of the forward movement is the first step to failure.
It will be followed by stopping the forward movement.
It is:
Slow down the pace of movement - stop moving – turning back – running away.

Success is a struggle to escape from failure.
It is a struggle to keep on moving, the only way to the greater success.

Look there, from where ever we stand now.
May be we have just decided to struggle forward; we are nearing the first success point; celebrating a success.
Look from there, from where ever are now.…. Far above there is the greater success.
Struggle for it.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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