Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sycophants are our enemies

Sycophants are the trumpet blowers. They are flatterers. They shamelessly fill their mouth with insincere praise for us. They are big mouths.
All their praises are hollow. Their praises are reverberating echoes only. It is meaningless verbal exercise.

They are not innocent people.
They are dangerous people to our prosperous carrier.
They are cankerworms to a fruitful tree.
They kill us slowly. All their praises are slow poison to our glowing carrier.

All of us may fall, at one time or another, a victim to their big sounding words. Falling into their trap is not a failure. Escaping is not easy, but not impossible.
Detecting sincere praises from sycophancy is difficult. Imitators also may follow the path of sycophants.

Sycophants hide our weakness. They are wise to detect our merits. They magnify it to such a proportion that we feel unearthly.
They pour praises lavishly at our ability to add 3 with 4 to find the answer 7. They will try to convince us that none could successfully do the calculation at a tremendous speed. They are sure that the special talent we showed in this calculation is not seen any where before. Our posture has a promise of a great mathematician of the age.

Luck is not a dependable source for success. It is not advisable to relay on luck for success. Still we may succeed at certain occasions merely because of an unexpected turn of events.
Sycophants will suddenly fall into such scenes and shower praises on us for our agile decision and action at the proper time.
Believing their words we will venture into another project which need better talent and expertise. There we fall headlong never to rise again.

Sycophants loss nothing; all are their gain. They are short term gainers. They have no long term goals. So they never worry about our success.
They fill us with an impossible dream and encourage us to run after it. Our running is their gain. Aiding us to run a fruitless race is their profit.
Once we fall, they disappear. They never stand with us in adversity.

They have no solution for any problem. They simply put all their trust on us for the victory.
Their trust is not trust. It is a shallow make belief.
They keenly watch our fate to run away from us. They never miss an opportunity to forsake us.

Victims of sycophants are shallow people. They are not in a real race. They have no goals. They look for the applause of the onlookers. Sycophancy is their goal. They are happy to feed on it.
Their pleasure is sycophancy; their failure is sycophancy.
They are wanderers; not purposeful travelers.
Today is their only reality. Now is their feast time.

Escaping sycophancy is not easy; but not impossible.
Smile on it. Close the doors of our hearts to it. Never deposit it in our memory. Never recall it.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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