Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Chick and the Mom

There is always ‘one more thing I am ignorant about’.

The little chick was not yet born; he was still waiting inside the egg shell.  He slept and slept until he dreamed dreams. He dreamed and dreamed until he woke up. Then he wondered about the vast world within the egg shell, the beauty of yellow and white, the protection of the thick egg shell. That world was really comfort, care free and sweet. The only need of the little chick was dreams. And he never felt short of it.

Then the mother chicken one day thought of the unborn chick and worried about the uncertain life the chick leads inside the egg shell. She decided to narrate the beauty of the outside world to the chick. So she called the chick softly and the chick responded in a whisper. “Can you hear me”, asked the mom. The chick responded positively.
What do you expect to happen tomorrow?
Nothing mom. I expect nothing.
Do you have dreams?
Yes mom. I often used to dream of a big palace that touches the thick shell around me. I dream of a yellow lawn that spread to the end of the shell around me… and such stuff.
Dear chick, have ever dreamt of a day in which you will be free out of the white shell around you?
No…… It looks like a wild dream. This shell will never break.
Oh! Little, believe me. Soon this shell will break itself without any effort from your part. None can stop the breaking of the shell. It always happens at the fullness of time. Once it is broken, you will never be surrounded by any more shells. You will be free to run and fly wherever you wish to go.
Mom, please have a break. I feel dizzy.
Chick, listen to me. Soon you will be here where I have been living for many years. This world is so beautiful. It is colored with an array of flowers – red, rose, violet, pink, yellow, blue and a lot. Green leaves shining after a fresh rain is marvelous. Rainbows in seven sparkling colors are a thrill to me. Rivers, streams, lakes, seas are the sweet songs of this earth. Rocks and mountains are fearsome. Snowy winter is such an experience. What a marvelous world is this to live.
Mom, I wish if I could believe you. Are you narrating a fable?
Dear chick, whether you believe it or not, this is the truth. You will be freed into a world where I have been living for many years. This is real and where you are now is only a temporary state. None can remain for long in a temporary state.  The fullness of time is the only delay.
Mom, you may be true. But it is hard for me to believe. My reason does not permit me to believe such fables. For me this is the world. My life begins and ends here. Beyond this there is nothing. This egg shell is the only reality for me. I am satisfied with this. I do not want your colorful earth.
But, dear chick, life in earth is a reality. No chick can escape from it. Your belief or unbelief does not make any difference.
Oh! Mom ….
All right little one. Believe what your little intellect permits you now. But soon you will be thrown out to the reality. Till then sleep well and take rest. May your dreams of yellow turf and castles of egg shell comfort you.
But remember little chick, there is always “one more thing I am ignorant about.” Good night.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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