Monday, 11 February 2013

The colour of success is yellow.

Yellow is often connected with falling leaves. Falling leaves usually draw sympathy and not admiration. But the falling leaf is a symbol of success.

Success is the fulfillment of vision. It is the fulfillment of the life’s purpose. A life which has fulfilled its purpose is a success. What else can be?

All old men are not sympathetic figures. Many stand shoulder high among all others. They are successful people. Successful people draw admiration not sympathy.

The yellow leaf has a fulfilled life. Look back into his life.
He was born like all other leaf, pale green and fresh. He grew greener and wide.
But his life was not at all a sweet melody.  Winds and rain were his friends and enemies. Sun was his life source and his worst enemy.

Heavy winds blew him left and right. It wanted to detach the leaf from its branch. No leaf can live without being connected to the branch. But the wind hit hard. The green leaf held on tight to the branch of the tree. It was a fight for life. Always, till this day, the wind failed. The green leaf lived long fulfilling the purpose of its life.

Rain was a friend in scorching summer. It was refreshing after the burning sun. Strangely he used behave like a worst enemy at times.  Rain used to pour down heavily and threw hailstorms at the leaf. It was hard to hold on, but the green leaf did hold on tight. It had to fulfill its life’s purpose. It did not want to die a failure. Death should come as a reward for his successful life.

Such troubled days he had many. But he never failed. He never gave up. He did not want to die a failure. He dreamed of screaming at his death bed, “it is finished. I have completed”.  He wanted a successful death. He wanted to defeat even death.

He held on tight. He did not let it loose. He fought against the fierce wind, the unfriendly rain, the disastrous hailstorms, the scorching sun and a lot more ….. Nothing could defeat him.

Now he remembers many of his contemporaries who shone green and bright. Some gave up at the first wind and some others fought for a bit longer. Many could not hold against the hailstorms. Some faded at the angry sun and turned brown. Some stood with him and lived long to yellow.

He has fulfilled the purpose of his life.
Now the fullness of time has come. His life is ending. It is the law of nature. He has to go through the way that all his ancestors have gone.
It is giving way for younger leafs. It is their turn to prove the mettle.

Is he a sympathetic figure? Not at all. He is an embodiment of struggle in adversity. He is a symbol of any man who has recognized his purpose of life. He was driven by his purpose. He is a success. He is an icon of success. A man who has struggled to fulfill his life’s purpose and succeeded.

Now he is yellow. The falling leaf. Yellow speaks the story of struggle and success. Yellow is not a tragic end; it is finishing the race with laurels won.
Only yellow has finished the race successfully. Green is yet to prove.
Yellow is in the finishing line; green is only running.
There is no more failure to yellow.
The final victory has been declared for the yellow.

The colour of success is yellow.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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