Tuesday, 5 February 2013

War and Commerce

What is better for a prosperous country, war or commerce?
Definitely, it is commerce.

War is an ancient method of expanding boundaries and filling treasure.
Expansion of boundary is a new burden to the nation. More land is more people. More land and people are a boon as well as a burden. The nation has to feed more people. The nation has to develop the undeveloped land.
So war for expansion of boundary and filling the treasury ends up bootless.

What about wars against another rich country?
It is not easy to conquer another rich nation. War with another rich nation is destructive. Both sides suffer and usually ends in a patched up peace treaty.

War is not a good way to richness.
Victory of war is soon replaced by the reality of new burdens.

Commerce is the best way to expand boundaries and fill the treasury.
Commerce is a peaceful activity. Commerce builds relationship. Commerce creates dependence to each other. It is a magic channel for the smooth flow of wealth. It is a mutually beneficial interaction. It is giving and taking.

Ancient trading cities maintained their grandeur, not by the conquest of their neighbors, but by commerce with them.
Look at ancient Egypt, Phoenicia, Sidon, Tsur etc.
They lived rich by trade with neighboring cities.
Their troubled days were days of wars. Most of the time, they conquered a destructed and desolated city. Ruins in the conquered city mocked at the conqueror.
Attitude of war and conquering were different with ancient kings. But a close study narrates the futility of war.

Commerce made cities rich and peaceful. Some of the ancient Middle Eastern cities became rich by trade and thus became crowning cities. They crowned new kings in the neighboring cities. Yet they never made war with them. For they knew that, war is poverty and commerce is wealth.
We have new examples for this in this century too.

War is not at all advisable in business. War is not the way to create wealth.
Commerce is the way to wealth.

A new product is challenging your old product?  Be a dealer of that new product too.
Find a better product as a reply to the challenge.
Do not set to fight against the new product.
After all, it is the customer who declares the final verdict. Customers decide the health and the death of every product.

Another business firm is not an enemy country. It is another business opportunity.
It offers an opportunity to sharpen your tools.
Trade with him or together with him. Learn from him or together with him.

Carefully substitute his weakness by your strength. Let him do a business on your weakness. Weakness is human. Anger cannot strengthen any one.
War is poverty and commerce is wealth.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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