Sunday, 10 March 2013

Boundaries are real

Who set the boundaries? I am not sure. But boundaries are real.
We see boundaries around nations, states and provinces within a nation.
There are boundaries set by social groups, families and even individuals.
There are physically drawn and fixed boundaries like that around the nations.
There are unseen but strong boundaries like those set by social groups and families.

Boundaries may be a creation of God. Because, according the Bible, after creating the world God Himself separated an area eastward and called it Eden. He placed the first man and woman there. This area was said to be more prosperous than all other land. From that time onwards there are boundaries.

A Boundary marks our possession and what is not ours.
Boundary limits our freedom. It defines the limit we may go and the limit we should not cross.
That is why we have a dislike for boundaries.
It is a constant reminder of what we do not possess.

So, kings set out to conquer neighboring lands.
Sailors left their families behind to have a glimpse across the boundary.
Even today men/women are not satisfied with their legitimate possessions. Many men/women are after those ‘attractions’ over the boundary.

Boundaries between nations are a hindrance for travel. It does not allow a healthy mingling of races and cultures. It keeps the other side dark. After all the inhabitance of all nations are human beings.

Boundaries set by social, cultural, religious groups and families too look idiotic. It is not rational.

Then do boundaries have no positive aspect? There must be something positive about it.

1.    Boundaries are protection.
It gives protection to our possessions and life. It gives protection to values and ethics. It protects the rewards of our hard work.
Boundaries protect our land, house, nation, state etc. It protects our rivers and hills.
No boundaries, no life.

2.    Boundaries declare ownership
Whatever is within a boundary, whether it is useful or not, good or bad, rich or poor belongs to its owner. Only the owner has the authority to keep it or mend it or remove it. And the owner has an authority to keep it or mend it or remove it.

3.    Boundaries are separateness. Separateness is a misunderstood concept these days. But there is separateness everywhere. Every of law of a nation separates law abiding citizens and law breakers. Law abiding citizens are offered well being and protection by the State. Separateness is real protection. We share a piece of the same land with others, but are separated by a boundary.

4.    Boundary offers special care.
The possession enjoys the care the owner. Love is selfish because it operates meaningfully only within a boundary.

The question, “Do we need boundaries?” is not valid. Because boundaries are real.

Our life needs a boundary around it. A boundary that reminds us of the limits we should go and the boundary line we should not cross.
It is an inconvenience, but is a blessing.
It gives protection, meaning and care to our life.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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