Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Discussing to confusion

Discussion on serious topics by ignorant people is more dangerous than beneficial. Discussion won’t always bring out the best. At times it will end with the most dangerous conclusions. It leads not one but a group of people to dangerous convictions. In democratic nations, these people too have a role in shaping the future of the nation and the society. They create chaos.

I have seen in my country ignorant people discussing grave national issues, international policies, economic principles and religious ethics. They know nothing except what the newspapers tell them. They believe only their favorite news paper and television channel. They have no experience with the diverse ethnicity of the country. They do not know even a dime about other nations and the interests they have with our nation or the interest we have with them. They have learned nothing about international trade or international laws. The best economics they know is the purchase of necessities from a provisional store. They never heard of any monetary policies.

Still they discuss national problems and the inability of national leaders to solve all of them at a snap of the thumb. They want to crush all foreign countries and plunder them to make the nation rich. They vigorously discuss financial policies and blame the financial minister and the Reserve (Central/Federal) Bank governor for his inability to control inflation. They want the price of everything to go down every day when they purchase them and rise everyday when they sell them.

I have seen them indulging in hot discussions on the USA president election. Their discussion ends with a declaration of success for one of the president candidates. They forget their ignorance. They ignore their incompetence to impact the US elections. They take it for granted that all in the world are like species.

They have not understood any economic measures declared in the Union Budget of the nation. Still they discuss and vote negative on it. The only thing they understood is that the prices of certain things are to go high and some other are to go low.

They speak ill of leaders of political parties to whom they have no allegiance. They use derogatory terms to denote respectable national/social/religious leaders. They respect none other than a few whom they blindly adore.

They never think for themselves. Never try to learn. Never listen to wisdom.

Still they discuss and discuss.

Most of the television discussions do not even have the maturity of a late teenager. They discuss and conclude like a boy in his early teens.
The next day when they find that everything went the other way, they change all their support for the new situation.

Wise people cannot join their group. Learned men abstain from them, because they have no respect for wisdom. They do not understand learning. They are never after the truth. They discuss to create confusion.

Discussion by ignorant people is more dangerous than beneficial.
They discuss to confusion and chaos.
It is better for the society and nation that they keep away from discussion.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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