Monday, 11 March 2013

Dreams in the graves

Let me begin this blog quoting Rev. Joel Osteen: "The wealthiest places on earth are the cemeteries, because lying in those graves are all kinds of dreams and desires that will never be fulfilled."
This is a sad statement, but true.

The famous transitional poet Thomas Gray wrote his best poem Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard for all those unknown talents wasted by death. The poet one day stretched himself below an oak tree in the Church compound looking at the graveyard where rested great talents of the village, unexplored and wasted. None lamented for them. He knew not their names. So he wrote for all unrecognized greatness of this world.

Both the words of Rev. Joel Osteen and the poem bring to our attention some facts about life and talents. Let us go back to Rev. Joel Osteen.

1.    He is speaking of dreams and desires.
      He strikes at an important characteristic of man. Man is born with dreams. He tries to live with and according to his dreams. But many unsympathetic elements start working from his birthday onwards to destroy it. He dreams of becoming a good singer, dancer, leader, scientist, social worker and so on. But he finds not many around him encouraging to realize his dream. Encouragement or motivation is the food for dreams. Dreams are unsubstantial. Motivation gives it flesh and blood. De-motivation kills it all. Financial crisis, desperate childhood, envious contemporaries, fewer exposures to positive challenges and many more tolls the knell of dreams and desires. Stars in the sky gradually diminish and disappear leaving everything dark.

2.    Thus graves encompass not only a dead man, but his unfulfilled dreams and desires. “Unfulfilled” is the saddest word in this world. It has finality around it. It leaves no hope.
Are our dreams for burying in a graveyard? Surely not. Dreams are for fulfilling.

3.    Unfulfilled dreams and desires left the world less prosperous. Dreams of man could improve the living of man. Desires of a man could donate something positive to this world. Unfulfilled dreams are a lost chance for betterment.

4.    Rev. Osteen states that the graves are rich with unfilled dreams and desires. It shows the vast wastage. We often talk about one successful man or woman. Poets may sing a victory song to the champion of the race. Newspapers and other media may praise a rare achievement. But we forget all about the large quantity of dreams and desires that goes covered by a shroud to the graveyard. It is not a dead man’s lifeless body; it is a sum of unfulfilled dreams. It will never come back to life. The world will never be benefited from his dreams.

5.    The wealthiest places on earth are the cemeteries” are shocking words. Let us not give another occasion for such words.

Dreams are for fulfilling.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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