Thursday, 7 March 2013

Eagle's perspective

I came across the image of the Eagle during my days as a church Pastor. I read about eagle and the renewal of the bird to a new exciting powerful life in Isaiah 40:31. The verse is read as follows:

“But those expecting Jehovah pass to power, They raise up the pinion as eagles, They run and are not fatigued, They go on and do not faint!” (YLT)

Later it was a pleasure to study the life and characteristics of the bird. It is really an amazing bird.
To my joy I have found many motivational speakers using this image to ‘pass power’ to their readers. I too have prepared a motivational class based on it.
It was a privilege for me to read many articles, blogs etc on the bird. My interest and knowledge on eagle is constantly growing.

Here let me note down some of the ideas I have collected.

1.    Eagle is a bird you can never defeat.  I have not come across any comment on its incompetence or disabilities. But I am sure that eagle too may have some disability.
Why none is talking about it. At least someone has to make a passing remark on it.
Eagle is such a bird that hides all its incompetence with its power to overcome them.
Like the substance in a perfect solution, its incompetence has dissolved into its competence. It is difficult for us to trace even a particle of it.
It has an ability to overcome the disability. It never allows the disability to stop it from moving forward.

2.    The other day someone asked me an advice on which church he should attend regularly. He has short listed three churches. One is a rich church with financially rich people. The second one is found comfortable for him because all its members are of the same financial status. The third one is crowded with good people but below his financial status.
I asked him the reason for such a selection. He could go to any church near to his home. He told me that he wants to prosper financially with God’s blessings. The church must have such an atmosphere. So I told him to select the first church with people richer than him. He hesitated because he felt not comfortable there with his lower financial status.
But if you want to prosper financially, associate with richer people.

Eagles always live above, never live below. It makes its nest at the top of cliffs or tall trees. It rests there, flies there and lives there.

3.    It is a positive bird. Nothing negative is thought. It is an ‘I can do it’ bird.
Storms are not his enemies, but his friends. He uses the storm to fly higher. He never goes hungry. He can find its livelihood at any time and at any occasion. It always has a nest. It never competes with other smaller birds. It is a confident bird.

4.    It is a bird who always hopes the best. It dreams the biggest dreams.
Stars are closer to it. Sky is its pathway to higher success. Moon is its guardian angel.
It dreams of possibilities rather than problems. Problem is missing word in its dictionary. It has challenges in life which it always overcomes.

5.    I am not informed of any situations in which an eagle may be defeated. I have not come across none narrating such events.
There may be failures in its life. But it never defeats an eagle.
If it ever falls over in the dust, dusting it off, it rises again and goes on again and again and again.

Develop an eagle's perspective.
Have the eye of the eagle, the strength of the eagle and the wings of the eagle.
Watch your life soar to heights beyond your wildest dreams.

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